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Supplements to Increase Hunger


I'm still cutting, but I want to plan my bulk. The main reason I'm going to need help getting an appetite is because I'll be on metformin. I'm going on as soon as I get it to finish my cut, but want to continue it during my bulk because of blood sugar etc.
I'm planning on taking enzymes and ginger before meals, but I'm not sure what else I could get because from what I've read metformin pretty much shuts down hunger.
I tried finding something natural to increase the release of ghrelin, but couldn't find any.
Any help is appreciated.




Weed? If i'm high I can eat a horse


Nothing like a couple boxes of Twinkies to bulk up :slightly_smiling:



Weird, but I actually just read this article "5 ways to increase your appetite naturally" on Poliquins blog yesterday. Hope it helps. If the link doesn't work, search his site for the article.


Seriously? Do people here really believe this stuff.



Thanks guys, would try that GHRP-6, but right now I don't want to do any peptides or hormones because of my age.
I'll probably get some ZMA.
I'd like to look into that lime thing even though anime seems to think it's bs.


LOL. Excellent.
I prefer D-bol actually. Never failed to increase my appetite.
At the risk of Biotest promotion, I-3G can really really make you hungry via literally making you train harder over time. Not messing around.


I originally was going to use I-3G, but it's way out of my price range.
Again I'd love to use either of those, but no peptides or hormones for me yet. Don't want to mess with my endocrine system.


I know several SHW lifters who use peracitam for increasing appetite.


Thanks man, but I think you meant piracetam? I'll give it a try.


Whats your issue? Its an excellent tip. Ive been doing it for years.


Yes. Stupid swype on my phone likes to decide how to spell things.


Not a supplement, but fasted morning cardio makes me HUNGRY


You could try drinking green tea with mint leaves first thing in the morning, and between meals.


Now I'm even more excited to try these out for when my bulk starts. I'm going to be aiming to eat 4,400 calories a day, so it's going to be pretty hard.
Thanks again guys.