Supplements to Increase GH?

Hi all, are there supplements that reliably increase GH? I’m aware of lactate training (HIIT, slower eccentrics, workout density) but not of GH supplements. Thanks

The only one I have heard about, which Ben Greenfield has banged on about, is MK-677, which is a SARM. Whether these things have any efficacy, or are even safe, is another question. They seems to be available to buy, for now…

I think your best bet, as you mentioned, is training style. Lactate training apparently can result in a x9 increase in GH release. Guys like Poliquin have banged on about the benefits of such training for years and, while I take whatever he says with a healthy pinch of scepticism, it does appear to have some merits when done in short phases in my experience.

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HGH Supplements

There a lot of supplements on the market claiming they increase HGH. However, nothing that I’ve seen that really works. I consider them a waste of money.

HGH Training

Here is some interesting information on that.

  1. German Volume Training: As James’ posted, Charles Poliquin has state this is an effective method, 10 Sets of 10 Reps with one exercise with short rest periods. About 60 second recover between sets for Upper and 90 seconds for lower body.

  2. Growth Hormone Synergism. This is a book based on Dr Doug Crist research. It simply a different version of German Volume Training.

Crist version Super Sets muscle groups. Each muscle group follows the 10 Sets of 10 Reps Protocol.

Example: Leg Press Super Setted with Leg Curls.

Crist Protocol demonstrated a high level of GH production.

  1. Occlusion Training: Jeremy P Loenneke is one of the leader in research on this. Loenneke found that this method increased GH.


What does restricting blood flow do that translates into bigger muscles? There are a
variety of proposed mechanisms, but a few seem to be the most prominent. The three
mechanisms below appear to act together to produce an environment that is favorable to muscle growth with low intensity occlusion training.

a. Fiber Type Recruitment (Fast twitch fiber recruitment)

b. Accumulation of Metabolites (lactic acid > acidic environment > GH secretion)

c. mTOR pathway activation (protein synthesis)

Resource: Practical Occlusion Training, May 2009

The Pump

Occlusion Training is a method that provides you with a dramatic pump which creates a hormonal cascade that trigger muscle growth.

  1. HIIT, as you mentioned.

“Ready, Set, Go” is a book based on research by Phil Campbell, MS Exercise Physiology. It provides a “Sprint 8 Program” performed in a fasted state; fasted state training encourages HGH production.

While I am sure the above methods promote GH production, I question if truely produces as dramatic and increase in GH as reported.

Kenny Croxdale

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Arginine before sleep increase GH, GABA too !

Nothing that you’d be happy with OTC


How much arginine, please?

Do people still use GABA? I used it once back in 1996 & I had what they call a paradoxical effect from it :smile:

It actually kept me wide awake & gave me the same feeling as a strong exercise high…together with a lot of tingling skin on my head & arms.

A very clean endorphin high, like I’d been running or done short rest weight circuits.

And it made me super horny for about 3 hours… Actually, why aren’t I still using it??! Haha

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3g of arginine, and yes i still use gaba sometimes i really like how i feel using it, a kind of anti depressant, i always feel like big problem are so easy to solve on this !

I’ll defo give the arginine a go. I hear it’s good for the boners too (just not herpes haha).

How does GABA make you feel & how do you use it?

i take it 30 mins before bed, GABA from nutrakey. I got a ‘‘buzz’’ maybe 20 mins after taking it and it last maybe 2 mins then i become relax. I sleep really well on it, always feel 100% recover every morning.

I can’t be stress or anxious while taking this, its crazy hows everything is nothing…

Eating dinner earlier in the evening and avoiding slow digesting carbs like legumes and pasta and high gluten wheat products for dinner. Most normal GH release occurs in the first 2-4 hours of sleep. Insulin blocks this release so you don’t want insulinogenic foods in the gut past bedtime. Poor sleep/stress hormones in the first 2-4 hours of sleep will also block GH because they will cause insulin resistance which will make your body pump out more basal insulin at night.

MK677 seems most legit

Humanofort products used to get decent feedback. One of those ones where 50% get something from it. Other 50 get nothing,

I can honestly say, in the grand scheme of things, trying to elevate GH levels through supplementation, eating patterns, and training routine, would feature in the bottom half of my to do list. However, since we’re on the subject, don’t forget other proven GH-raising means: fasting, extreme stress (for example, an ice bath).

That’s a line I wouldn’t cross haha.

I’ve just got L-arginine tablets, so will try 5g per night on an empty stomach. At the least - and it’ll probably on it’s own make me lose a pound a week - not eating right before I sleep will have a powerful effect.

I’ve got some pure L Arginine powder now, I didn’t like all the Sorbitol in the tablets.

Holy sheet L Arginine knocks me out. 9g before bed & I cant keep awake after 30 minutes.

are you serious ? i was taking 5g and was not able to sleep too much heart beat

Yeah serious. It’s hard to stay awake after it. I’m using 10 grams before bed, 4 hours after eating. I’m also waking up around 2am with a Viagra style boner, every other night \m/

My girlfriend has tried the Arginine, it gives her insomnia.

it give me solid insomnia too, i can’t sleep …

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Strange how people vary so much huh.

It seems to give me weird, vivid dreams.

I’ll get an IGF-1 test in a month or so. Don’t have baseline values, but still excited what that’ll show.

It seems the doctors in the UK use an intravenous arginine solution when they test people for GH problems.

10 hours of no food, then a maximum of 30 grams of IV Arginine delivered over 30 minutes.

2 points:

  1. I might switch my Arginine to as soon as I wake up so I’m fasted.

  2. I’d like to try IV Arginine now, haha

So it seems I might be able to get almost intravenous level absorption by squirting an Arginine solution up my ass :sunny: