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Supplements to Help with ATP?

Hi. I’ve never really researched HOW supplements work, I just used what I witnessed working for others.

I saw a reference to mTOR in a Christian T article, got to looking for info, and eventually ran into an article referencing ATP (https://scienceaid.net/biology/biochemistry/atp.html) has a chart showing that anaerobic exercise produces more ATP than aerobic.

That was interesting, especially since I have a strong distaste for cardio.

Anyway, since our bodies recycle ATP, I have to wonder how we can best take advantage of ATP, and what supplement(s) help with that since it’s the “gas” in our body’s fuel tank?

Thx :wink:

Great news!

That’s what Creatine is for. You’re already ahead of the game!

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Ok awesome! Thx

There is also elevATP

Would you expound on that please? I’ll google it, but would like to hear what YOU know?


Sure. It is a relatively new compound/supplement (not sure what to call it) that is used to stimulate ATP production - much like Creatine minus the bloat that some people experience. I’ve used it in a few products and like it. There is science to back it. I’d link to it but I’m not sure that is allowed on the Forums.

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So is “elevATP” the actual product name, cause if it is I’ll use that for my search term. And thx,

K I found the company that manufactures the stuff and sent an info request for retail purchase. The info I saw was good enough that I’ll consider at least trying it. However, if it does the same thing as creatine, I don’t actually need it. I have no problem using creatine monohydrate from Biotest. But if this stuff can crank ATP up even further that would be desirable.

Thanks again.

Cool. I’m guessing the difference is not significant enough to notice.

citrulline mallate can help boost atp

Ok thanks rampant one!