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Supplements to Avoid


Just reading some articles on this site (From David Barr in particular) about some supplements to avoid, as the hazards outweigh the benefits; Glycocyamine and Guanidinopropionic Acid as examples.

This left me thinking about whether there are any other supplements out there which are best of avoided and for what reasons, thoughts?


Any and all prohormone products and OTC designer steroids - dangerous, ineffective, excessive side effects, overpriced, poor quality control.


"Quick mass" would be a good example, that stuff is shit in a bottle.


NO products.

Just plain don't work.


so, like, creatine?
hehe i hear teh creatine iz a steroidz


Avoid DNP - dinitrophenol, as it will literally KILL you...although some idiots still take it for fat loss.


DNP is not exactly a supplement; it is a pesticide and is not something easily obtained... but yes - it will kill you if not used correctly. Another one to be very cautious with would be insulin.

It sounds like the Original Poster was just looking for supplements to avoid. I would say that you should use the "too good to be true" rule. If a protein powder claims that you will gain 10 lbs of muscle in three weeks then it is likely not a company that I would want to purchase anything from.


what about NOVEDEX by gaspari? that shits banned where i am (CANADA).. it says right on the site

** WARNING: The ingredients in Novedex XT may cause a false positive test for substances that are banned by some athletic or government associations (including military and law enforcement).

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT if you are subject to testing for banned and/or performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids. **


I would not classify DNP as a supplement lol. Try and find a place that sells it over the counter.


..seriously? i'm a recovered anoreic and even i know--and knew when i was deep in it-- not to ever use insulin for weight loss! GOOD GOD!! now i don't feel so bad. word, i'm way naive i guess about some people's drug use.


For me, Melatonin. I've gone off and on it enough times to be absolutely certain it causes my elbow tendonitis to flare up.

Btw, does anyone know why this might be?


I like them as a good stimulant to start my workout (don't use it for every workout). Other than that I'm not expecting muscle gain (as many state). My friends go nuts taking it I always tell them "Once you go off of them you'll feel flat".


This is happening because your trying to fall asleep right? It may be from your being able to sense it more not necessarily causing it to flare up.

Just my thinking. I may be wrong tho.


I decided to try it because a lot of people in longevity forums take it and seem to think it's a good thing. I don't have trouble falling a sleep but did find I liked it for sleeping, mostly for the cool dreams. I doubt it's a matter of being able to sense it. Pain is pain, i can feel it if I'm sleepy or well rested. I think it has something to do with the melatonin hormone its self or the way it affects other hormones.


People use it for weight gain (nutrient uptake), but yes - it is very dangerous and not something that I would recommend to anyone.

In terms of OTC supplements I agree that many NO-products are over hyped and over priced. They can be alright as a pre-workout stimulant assuming that they are not just NO and have some type of caffeine in them. Generally the fancy forms of creatine in these products are barely effective (if at all) and what you are really paying for is some flavored caffeine water that might give you a little bit better pump (pump has no real relation to size/strength gains).


I also have elbow tendonitis and take 1 melatonin every night 10 min before bedtime. I have not noticed any difference in inflammation or pain increase.


I agree to a point but not fully. I used MAG-10 with success several times. I have also used others with moderate success. However I do believe a lot of research should be done and proper support should be in place.



With the exception of a few basics (protein, BCAA, fish oil) supplements are a virtually pointless purchase. Even in regards to the basics, the price, usual lacking potency of the product, and overall sketchiness of the industry (BB.COM bust) supplements rarely are worth the reward (if there is any). Eat well. Train hard. Sleep enough. (repeat)


TC, If I respond to this, can I win some more supplements?


Funny thing is is i have tendonitis in other places that it doesn't have nay effect on.