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Supplements to Aid Stomach Irritation?


It seems the I grow less tolerant of food by the month. I've always been lactose intolerant, I can't drink milk, eat cheese, or anything with any sort of cream in it without getting serious gas issues. Anymore I also get major irritation from red meat and pork, certain, beans, and peanut butter. I've tried some basic lactose intolerance pills but they usually don't help much.

  1. Anybody use a lactose supplement that actually provides some good relief and / or gas prevention?
  2. Any other supplement for general digestion aid?


Betain HCL. Controversial on this site, but seems to help me with my digestion/lactose issues a little bit. I'm not super lactose intolerant, but I will get the gas, but the Betaine seems to help with that. YMMV.


J77: IMO, you should look into a solid probiotic along with an enzyme blend. Take both regularly, give it a few months, and if nothing improves, get tested for food intolerances.


OP, I've had the same issues.

The best thing to do is to avoid all foods that irritate/bloat/give you discomfort (at least for a month).

Try to eat more slowly, and chew your food better.

Most probiotic formulas and enzyme supps (with or without Betaine HCL) gave me diarrhea. Won't be touching any of them ever again.

What really worked for me was ground turmeric with every solid meal, and some ground ginger (or mint leaves) with my morning cup of green tea.


Look into the below link, I got a stomach sickness that gave me IBS the below healed me up


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What do you think of the supplments:

Candibactin-AR and Candibactin-BR

In the gut health thread morepain recommended them.


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His post:

I just purchased the first 2, but I will say they did cost quite a bit. For about a month's supply of #1 and #2 it cost me a combined $134US. Giving it a go, see how I feel. My gut health isn't bad shape though, just could be better.


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Not totally. I have wheat once a week via a cheat meal, and small amounts of cheese 2-3x/week.

My main carb sources are rice and fruit.


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Already have, lived on a diet of 50g of carbs a day for over 18 months. I use to be Shugart paranoid :wink:

EDIT: I did well with cheese during this period, and played with different food choices when I decided to move away from a low carb lifestyle. I don't find wheat to suit me, but would rather not give up the weekly pizza.


I've had great luck with my stomach issues taking fish oil and keeping my vitamin D3 levels between 60 to 70ng/ml. I also avoid gluten which is found in some grains. I saw this group was promoting the idea of eating gluten free for the month of January since it can cause stomach issues for many people. Might be something to look at. Good luck!

A Gluten-free January