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Supplements That You Would Never Go Without


I tried finding it in the supplement stores I frequent but no joy. Does it go under any other name?

Edit: nevermind, apparently you need a prescription for it in my country.


I’ve only ever seen as 5-htp. I get mine online, a few of the mainstream supplement comoanies here stock it, multiple brands on a well known online marketplace.


I see, well, I don’t know if you saw my edit but in my country it requires a prescription and as such bringing it in online from abroad is a crime.


Oh damn sorry buddy didn’t realise you were in a difficult country.


No worries mate!


There are some very effective non-supplement tactics you should try:

  1. meditation. As little as 10 minutes can make a huge difference in quieting the mind. You can try a guided meditation (from an app, website), read a book on the topic, or find a local group. Truly life changing if you give it a sustained effort.
  2. turn off electronics, bright lights later in the evening. Try reading with a reading light before bed.
  3. carbs. I sleep much better having carbs in the evening, and many others do as well.
  4. make a list. If you are stressed about what you have to do, make a list before bed and you’ll feel much better about tackling it.
  5. take a walk in the evening (but don’t do vein-popping workouts late in the day). Many (myself included) have trouble sleeping if doing intense activities late in the day).


This might sound stupid, but for some reason beer naturally makes me sleepy as hell.

Even when I drink a 1 beer at 10 in the morning I’ll be sleepy whole day, fall asleep immediatley at 21:00 and sleep till 08:00-10:00 tommorrow. Single beer means +2h of sleep to me. And for some reason I can’t get anxious at those days.

I don’t have anxiety issues often, but when I do - it sucks. It happens sometimes 2 days in a month, and sometimes every other month, it depends but it’s not nearly as often as it should be for me to need meds.


I tried those, and they do work.

I would also add to try going to sleep at the same time every day and avoid caffeine completley, caffeine raises your stress hormones, so even if it’s gone from your system at the evening - your stress hormones might still cause some problems.


Beer and my body goals are not the best of friends. And for me, it’s not one beer that gets me too sleepy, it’s more like 8-12 beers. I appreciate the share though, but it’s just not something for me.


I think my ZMA contains magnesium citrate, don’t have the bottle next to me so I can’t check but pretty confident that it does.

Speaking of magnesium and the like, I’ve started evaluating supplement companies on what their magnesium/zinc-supplements uses as a source for the mineral. If it says magnesium oxide I mentally toss that company into my mental list of garbage suppliers as it is known to be poorly absorbed into the body.

I’ve also seen some ZMA’s contain Vitamin-D which is weird to me, as I know Vitamin-D increases your magnesium needs and I wouldn’t want to consume the two at the same time.

Look for chelated magnesium friends!


Hey Pinky mate, I read up a bit on the law and apparently being classified as a prescription drug alone is not enough to make it illegal to purchase from abroad as long as it’s from another EES country (if it had been classed as an illegal narcotic however it would have been). So, I’ll be ordering some 5-htp after payday, maybe before then depending on how cheap it runs with shipping and all. Any recommended brand/supplier?

Also taking suggestions for brands with respect to melatonin, anyone’s voice is welcome.


I don’t have any supplements that I can live WITHOUT. I personally go in the store and buy what looks like it could be useful and is on clearance or sale

I’m currently taking
CLA/Carnitine blend
Need more Beta-Alanine
Got a free tub of 1MR sent to my gym

Before bed:
Store brand fish oil
Was taking Cortisol support (but ran out, might just order plain ashwaganda)
Might get ZMA back in there too

Just bought some rhodiola extract for cheap, so I might start taking that pre-workout.


Not sure if I can mention brands on here, but I will say read the small print carefully, 50mg =/= 50mg across brands. When you compare dosages and prices look out for tricks where they say something like 400mg of ‘active ingredient’. There are specific ways they have to phrase it, but it could be a 16:1 source containing ingredient to actual chemical you are looking for, so 400mg might only have 25mg of 5-htp in it, and they list the mass of source not final product.


Thanks! Not sure why you wouldn’t be able to mention brands. I wonder if this board has a direct message feature Seems not. Anyways, off to bed


You can’t link to other sites I do believe, probably especially not when there is a competing Biotest product (Z12 contains 5-htp). I ran with True Vit Naturals, Jarrow, and Best Naturals with little to no effect so I would appreciate it if you felt up to sharing what you get to see if I can’t get a hold of it as well. I do, however, feel that they make a positive impact on my mood if I take them after a workout but that might be placebo.


Dude creatine is like 20 bucks 4-5 months.


I know this is an older thread but saw a few people say BCAA is useless. The science supporting BCAAs for protein synthesis is very solid. It also blocks cortisol and can delay fatigue during longer, tougher workouts.

My essentials are Creatine, BCAAs, Vitamin D.

I get my protein from food. lots of food, although I do one 30g scoop of whey a day.

currently trying Curcumin and Resveratrol for anti-inflammatory properties with good results. Also a teaspoon of turmeric mixed in coconut oil and black pepper (increasing bioavailability) to grease my omelette pan every morning is yummy and good for macros.


No, it is not.


Estrogen is usually my favorite supplement.


The only ones I find I couldn’t go without are
Vitamin D
Fish oil

Stuff I use and find very useful
Whey powder