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Supplements That Get You Pissed?


What are some supplements/drugs I could take that would make me angrier than shit during a workout?

So far ive got Spike, Nose Tork and Heavy Metal.

Something better would be cool.




If by "Nose Tork" you mean cocaine, stick with that. You'll have trouble topping it.


Try this warmup.

Upper body day:

Grab 5 pound plate.
Drop on toes of right foot.
Pick up plate.
Drop on toes of left foot.
PR bench!

Lower body day:

Go to lat pulldown machine.
Set weight at smallest increment.
Grab bar with left hand.
Sit down.
Put right hand on plate stack.
Drop bar on right hand fingers.
Have friend grab bar and pull back up.
Place left hand on plate stack.
Have friend drop bar on left hand fingers.
PR squat!

This method may have mixed results on deadlift day. You'll definitely be pissed though.

If you don't like warmups, you could just listen to some angry music...


Put some Ben Gay on your wang.



The original ultimate orange used to get me fired up more than anything, but sometimes I'd get so wired I could barely lift.

If you can find, it there's an energy drink called Cocaine (yes I'm serious and no it doesn't contain cocaine). They sell it down the street from me. I drank one a few months ago and went ape shit in the gym. Thats the late time I'll drink one of those. Its no joke.


If you need supplements to get you pissed off then something must be wrong with you.

Have you had your testosterone levels checked?


Its not that I don't get psyched in the gym, but I want to achieve a level of psychotic anger beyond belief.


Buy endothil....after you realized you purchased a $50 tomato extract pill you'll be realll pisseddd...trust me i know.


Wait a second. Are you trying to lift something big at the gym or kill somebody?


Does it matter?

Just kidding.

I'm going for my first 500 lb deadlift.


OK, put Ben Gay or Icy Hot on your wang. Poison Ivy works great too. Do you have access to red ants?


Dude, you don't need anger, you need focus.

Watch this, it's awesome:


Well for me if anger is what I'm after, I psych myself up, crank up some loud metal music that gets me pumped, have something like a pre workout with caffine in it.

Use an anti-estrogen like 6-OXO (is that what its called lol havent had to name it for a while). and use a trib after a couple weeks you should notice it.

But like someone else has said focus.

Good luck.


Stimulants are different for everyone. I have never had more energy than 45 minutes after an EC stack (Bronchaid and caffeine tab). For most stimulants I develop incredible tolerance and quickly but not with this, but again everyone is very different with stimulants.

I get focused and I can use that energy how ever I choose from weights, cardio, or even in the bedroom. Generally considered safe if cycled, but as always do your own research about what you put in your body.

A bit more dangerous in IMHO but some add Yohimbe to the above stack and claim it works even better. I get a bit shaky and nauseous by doing so and just feel funny with the Yohimbe so I leave it out.

For me EC is still the gold standard by which all others are compared for an energy and fat loss/muscle sparring combo. Some use every 4 hours 4 times per day but I can only use it twice with last dose no later than 2-4 if I want to get to get to sleep. You may even want to cut in half first time you try.


Right before I have a big deadlift I just kick the bar with my shins, gets me pissed lol


Toss your wallet out the gym window.

If you're not willing to do this, and insist on taking the pussy way out, then check out methyltestosterone and ammonia.


Good call with the ammonia! I forgot about that stuff, works well before a big lift!


Bump this. Also a strong peppermint scent has shown to help your nerves fire. I've taken a few Altoids before a heavy lift and I believe it works. Its worth a try, plus you'll have good breath.


DUDE!!! Finaly that video is back! man thanks for posting it.