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Supplements Testing Positive?

im a few weeks away from getting a bloodtest for firefighting entry and im curious if any of the supplements i take would cause any problems regarding a blood test such as “banned substances”. the only supplements i take are multivitamin, fish oil pills, whey protein and casein protein both made by optimum nutrition. i dont see how anything from these supplements could possibly be bad but im just curious maybe someone knows sometihng i dont ?


you are correct, you will be safe. Nothing you’re taking is hormonal

yea none of that should register on those tests. no worries mate!

I concur with everyone else…you’ll be fine with what you’re currently taking.

For anyone else interested in getting “clean” supplements, you can always check out NSF International’s listing in the dietary supplements section: http://www.nsf.org/Certified/Dietary/Listings.asp?StandardExt=&TradeName=&CompanyName=&PlantCountry=&ProductType=&search=SEARCH
NSF is one of the few, perhaps only, 3rd party certification agencies responsible for testing supplements for banned ingredients.

Also, good luck on the fire test! If you’re taking the drug test it sounds like you’re already hired, so I guess congrats are in order!

thanks everyone for the help and jdstoledo i have been hired after a very long process so that why i wanted to be extra safe as this is the last step so thanks a lot awesome help.