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Supplements/Prohormone Questions


I'm 18 and I play linebacker for a junior college and am transfering to a division 3 school next year. I already lift hard and was looking for some sort of extra edge to make me bigger, stronger, and faster for next season when i transfer.

I have heard good things about v12 creatine, animal stak, and androstenediol. Any suggestions as to what kinda thing i should take? I don't want to do any sort of steroid, just want somethin to help me get that extra edge. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.


Without sounding condesending or anything, mabey just try to eat a lot, and eat right. Proper nutrition can go a long way when you're 18. The gains might not be as rapid, but it will be totally safe, but you'll learn how to keep the weight in the future.


Plenty of protein, good carbs, and healthy fat.

Seriously, your gains are limited by your diet, not because you're not using the latest "hot" supplement. If you want to grow bigger and stronger, learn how to eat to support these goals.

Most young guys are too lazy and/or impatient to understand this, so they reach for a supplement with the belief it will help them make the gains they want.


Do you really feel like risking losing your college football career by taking prohormones? Sounds a bit stupid to me, besides the fact that you're only 18. Take some plain old creatine monohydrate, eat lots of good food, and Surge. Power Drive might be a great supp for you though. And it's legal.


Theres plenty of legal stuff that you shouldnt probobly take but youll find it anyway, Phera-Hhlex and Superdrol. Make sure you look into PCT. Im a young guy too so i know what its like :). I havent taken superdrol but was considering it still kind of debating but food works well for me. When I used to play football there was a lot of pressure on me to get bigger stronger know that I dont play Ive actually made bigger gains relaxed without the pressure of sports.

Just lifting and eating right has gone along way for me, going from 90-245 in bench after a year of eating good were my first gains. My bench always lagged when I got my diet striaghtened out it shot through the roof fast.


stay away from andro anything.
from what i understand thermogenics are also not allowed in school sports.
get with your coach to make sure what you can and cannot use. "very important"