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Supplements... Pre-Post-During... uh?


I was recently introduced to T-Nation in my search for better information and am quite interested by the products here. Unfortunately, I'm at a bit of a loss (perhaps induced by reading too much) of what is good when.

Now, to be clear I recognize that the purpose of supplements is to be found in the name and get my nutrition primarily through eating regularly. But acknowledging that, especially as a student, it is impossible to get the precise number of calories from the right sources I supplement. Up until now I followed a more 'traditional' supplementation program: a multivit, fish oil, cla, and whey isolate taken before and after (after with glutamine) a workout.

I've had poor success with creatine either doing nothing (purple k) or putting on too much weight without a significant increase in strength (sizeon). It is espeically important that I put on muscle without too much weight as I play cornerback, and has anyone ever seen a 240 lb cornerback? That'd be something.

Enter Biotest. After being referred to this site (via Defranco's website) I was intrigued by the products offered, suffice to say I'll be replacing my fish oil + cla with Flameout. But here's the question: what weightlifting supplements to take before and after workouts? Which are different?

For example, many (all?) on this forum recommend Surge. Which Surge - Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery? As well, I know that some recommend Drive before workouts, yet Surge Workout Fuel recommends it to be taken before, during, and after workout. Does Surge replace a standard whey isolate or is it meant only to be taken around workouts?

I recognize that it does depend on your specific needs, but I have had trouble (probably through my own ignorance) recognizing the most effective means to achieve what I need: specifically to increase strength without incresaing weight.

Have I completely missed the boat?