Supplements Over to England

Hello there, got a question for any English members here at T-Nation?
Has anybody ever have any kind of supplements actually delivered to you?? I meant from USA - England.
Got a mate whos stuff got “confiscated” at customs, I have never bought any kind,so I dont know if there is a supplier of Biotest here in Europe??
any comment will be welcome, cheers!

Short answer is yes, you can order them with no problems but it costs quite a bit. No official Biotest suppliers in the UK, unfortunately.

Have a look here:

if RSG’s answer dont help you mate, try monster supplements… i get my shizzle from there atm and they are the cheapest around i could find… and free delivery… excellent selection of Biotest stuff…

Cheers m8s, yep i think p&p will be more or less same price as product, will check the other site, once again thanks.

According to my calculations, it’s still cheaper to get from this site - even with shipping and customs.

A £200 order from the site about would be about £90 from here, £30 shipping and another £30-40 customs - £160 at most from T-Nation.

rsg, I think ur right, making some calculations will be somehow chipper to order from here. but it will also take like 10 days to arrive, my order at present wont be more than £65.00, but if you guys do what you were saying in that link, I am interested.
cheers is great for things like BCAA powder, dextrose/maltodex, palatinose and other general supps.

Their protein powders don’t taste all that great and - biggest factor - give me the shits and make me feel bloated, and you can’t get the Biotest specific supps like HRC/Spike/Alpha Male, etc…

Order never takes more than a week to arrive via Fedex, but I’ve looked into the other method discussed on the other thread and it’s seems ineffective (won’t bypass any customs charges from the looks of things).

Best bet is to find someone reliable in the US who could repackage/relabel things for us and send them on.

It probably is still cheaper to buy the stuff yourself from this website. Looking at the price of Biotest supps at the various UK retailers, it appears they don’t have wholesale prices, so they are paying the same price we have to. They then add their markup on top.

As a matter of interest, I also use the aforementioned supplement site for my general supps. I have bought Biotest stuff through affordablesupplements before, but probably will just buy direct from here in the future.

rsg- their whey aint given me theshits before, i just buy 3kg tubs unflavored and mix with milk, taste like milkshake
those other sites look good