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Supplements on a Cruise Ship?


im goin on a cruise on saturday and im at the tail end of a bulking period. i really want to bring some supplements on board but im not sure if they will let me (first time on a cruise)

has anyone had experience with this?


They can’t regulate what they can’t see. Do they search bags like at the airport?


You should be fine. Keep them in the original bottles if they are OTC.


Keep your shit in the containers and put them on your travel bag.

Bring only enough to last you for your trip and ditch the bottles when you leave. Its getting back into your country that is a bitch


I’ve been on two cruises and I think you should be alright putting the supplements in your checked luggage.

However, if I were you, I wouldn’t bring anything. You are going to be having too much fun to worry about that crap. You are on a cruise man, relax and have fun!


i just dont want them to take 50 dollars worth of supplements away from me if i bring em.

you might be right thou dre. maybe ill just eat as much FREE food as possible. lol