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Supplements on a Budget

I am on a pretty limited budget right now when it comes to being able to buy supplements. If you could only buy one or two supplements what would you recommend? Also, if you are being paid from a supplement company please do not answer this question.

If I was on a limited budget, my money would be going to food.

From there, first on my list is quality fish oil.


If I was on a limited budget I would first prioritize my diet. You can get a significant amount of gains through proper diet alone. But to answer your question I would get protein, then if I had enough fish oil, then if I had enough creatine, then if I had enough magnesium.

Agree that fish oil would be a priority, I would go with a high quality protein powder after that.

my three “must have” supps:

-fish oil
-vitamin D

Fish oil, creatine, vitamin d

Depends at bit on where you live. In northern Europe, one gram of protein is a lot cheaper when taken from whey protein than it is from eggs, chicken, tuna etc.

Prioritize food over supplements. If you must have supplements, creatine, vitamin d and fish oil are pretty basic as stated above.

food is key, and should always be prioritized. this will include protein supplements if you use them, and should definitely include workout nutrition.

caffeine is cheap, and available in several forms, from energy drinks to pills. caffeine pills are dirt cheap.

the only supplement i really value that hasn’t been mentioned yet is taurine. This really depends on a person’s individual needs, but I find it to be EXTREMELY valuable to me when I do intense workouts, particularly ones that involve my lower back significantly. It makes high rep squatting much more tolerable by reducing back pumps. If you don’t workout intensely, this is not such an important supplement. But the price is great. I got a year’s supply for like 12 dollars. 1 dollar a month is tough to beat, lol.

creatine is good, and again it’s very cheap.