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Supplements Legal in Oz?

Hey Aussies, I’m moving to Oz soon and rather than me spending hours searching for the answers to these, I was hoping if you guys could tell me if your country allows Ephedrine, Yohimbine and Androsol in through the border? If not, are there any other bodybuilding type supplements your country has banned from sale? Thanks a lot guys, cheers!

Can’t get an aweful lot of anything over here my friend, although that’s slowly changing. Never seen a Yohimbine supplement (but that’s no to say there aren’t any… although I don’t think there are yet), Androsol I highly doubt is allowed in the country yet, although it might get through customs, if you’re lucky. Ephedrine, well, as far as I know, pure ephedrine only comes in injectible form and only if you’re on the operating table. So basically you can’t get it. But we’re a resourceful bunch down here on the bottom of the planet, so we soon figured out that there was an easily attainable source of psuedo-ephedrine (watered down). Works great in an ECA stack. I can give you more specifics if you want, just let me know.

And while the supplement industry is starting to pick up a little, don’t expect to see any prohormones for a little while, and keep in mind that the media here is only slowing progress with BS qoutes such as naming creatine as being an all new “steroid”… [tears hair out]

Check out the “Therapeutic Goods Administration’s” website for Australia. It lists all the supplements/drugs etc, that are prohibited from importing into Oz. Ephedrine, Norephedrine, N/Androsol are all prohibited.
What’s your source for the pseudo-ephedrine Mark?..doesn’t come in a silver packet by any chance, with little white pills?.

The source is over the counter (OTC) medications usually for sinus (and a few other ailments I would say. Just ask for “Sudafed” or “Logicin” (they’re the only ones that come to mind). The tabs contain 60mg of psuedo-ephedrine each, so to get the full effect that’s equivalent to normal pure ephedrine, you’ll have to take two (2) tabs. With it, throw down two “No Doz” (caffeine) and a regular aspirin. And there’s your Down Under ECA stack. Works like a charm for me. I still remember the first time I tried it… [reminiscent smile] Lost feeling in my toes, fingers, nose and the old fella, kept having stary type spots in my vision, and lost vision if I got up too quick… got up too quickly one time and nearly fell back down as my balance was shot for a little bit… got me wired as all hell though! Haven’t had these problems (excpet being wired) now though, you get used to it pretty quick. And it melts the fat off me a sh!te load better than clenbuterol too.