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Supplements Left in Hot Car


Just moved back from university to home for the summer. On friday my folks came along and picked up my boxes of clothes, pots/pans, etc. Inlcuded in this stockpile was about £150+ worth of supplements including:

Fish oils
Big bag of protein powder - opened but resealed with zip lock.
HOT-ROX Extreme
Havoc (prohormone)
CEL Cycle Assist (herbal cycle support formula... basically milk thistle and some other mostly herbal based goodies)

Been left in that car for about 2 days (only just got home myself) and today everything was hot as hell when I finally got the chance to unload it.

Any of these no longer good to go?


These are my expectations and what I would do myself.

Fish oils. Use the smell test. They are most probably OK. The real issue with these is oxidation, which produces a characteristic rancidity that you can detect.

Protein powder: I wouldn’t worry.

Creatine: For sure no problem.

HRX: No problem. I’m not saying people SHOULD do this, but can the formulation withstand that for a weekend or what have you, yes.

Havoc: I’d certainly expect it is fine.

The herbal formula: Don’t know. If you don’t mind buying another, I’d do the smell test. If different, then toss the stuff that was subjected to the heat. It is not a sure thing that a damaged product would smell different, but it is a sure thing that if it smells different it has been changed. If it is a cheap product I’d just toss it.


The fish oil is probably bad, whey, creatine, CEL should be ok, can’t say for the rest


MR. Roberts beat me to it, I’d listen to him.


If the powders are turning a yellowish color, that is a sure sign of degradation and you should throw them out. As for the pills, if the outside is showing signs of deformation, throw it out. Otherwise, they should be fine.


You’re fine, none thing is for sure. You don’t know what that stuff has been through before it made it to the store shelves anyhow.