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Supplements info needed

I weigh 145 lbs, and want to bring it to about 160 in about 12 weeks. Im 5’5". I plan to be on the three phases of growth surge project. Is there a certain set of supplements which may be the best for me to order? I was thinking of M, Tribex and Mag10, but want to make sure its the right thing to do, before I invest. Im 32. Would appreciate any advice.

You can gain that weight easily in 12 weeks with the proper amount of calories.

I think you should be able to do it without supplements. But if you feel your Test levels are low (Fatigued, low sex drive, man tits, etc.) then Tribex and M combo would be of a benefit to you if you want to avoid prosteriods.

What kind of a nutritional plan do you follow?

That might help. How tall are you will also help.

My advice, eat a shit load of protein, and good carbs during the day, and ensure you get your post-workout shake in after you lift, and get alot of sleep.

Now your life may come into conflict with this if you have kids and stuff like that.

Hope that helps

The Growth surge project was actually made with for the use of Mag 10, then to be followed in stage three with tribex and M. So yes the supps you listed are the exact ones that you would use on the program.

They say you can do the program without the supps but would need to readjust the calorie and macro levels ass well as training. Read over the the articles again and it should answer all your questions.

It is a great program by the way. Just be ready to devote a large amount of your time and concentration to training, diet and rest and you will GROW.


So, how’s that diet? And what diet plans do you have for your upcoming bulking program?

Also, training?

Hopefully he’s following the diet layed out in the articles he mentioned. Then again, he asked what supps to use and the articles clearly state recomendations.

davo2 - Exactly

Thanks for the responses guys, that helps. however, Im getting the feeling from TOT, that the need for Tribex arises only if there is a lack of sex drive, or fatigue, and I have none of those. So do I still need to get them? I was under the impression that they are an additional source for helping to bulk up. please comment.

lilthrock, Tribex & M are used for hormonal recovery after a Mag-10 cycle, since T levels will be suppressed. They can also be uesed separate and apart from a Mag-10 cycle if T levels are low, which is normally the case as men get older. As it relates to putting on muscle, higher T levels will help put on muscle more efficiently/quickly.

Your 15-pound goal with Mag-10 is realistic. Do a search for the article, “Mag-10 Plan for Success.” It has recomendations on how to dial in your diet and training so that you get the biggest bang for the buck. If you need any help running the numbers, let me know.