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Supplements in Vancouver


I just moved to Vancouver, I’m living downtown, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a store in the area.
Just looking for good protein (Grow! or Surge would be nice) at a decent price.


I buy my supplements at Popeys. They have a good selection at resonable prices.

Popeye’s Supplements Vancouver/Kitsilano

(Broadway & Vine next to The Regal Beagle)

I think it’s crazy to buy in stores nowadays having seen the outrageous prices they charge in store. Order from the web, you’ll save 50% practically. I used to live in Vancouver and always ordered on the web, as it was so much cheaper than the stores I visited. (PM me if you want some choices.)

Hi, I would appreciate if you could send me the links too for e-stores where to buy great supplements to great prices…