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Supplements in the Philippines?

Hi, if anyone here is Filipino, or is living in the Philippines, I was wondering what supplements you use/where you get them? I would buy Biotest stuff but it’s not very viable, with shipping costs and all. I have tried a couple of Biotest products, and when I move to the US for college I plan on getting more.

I buy BCAAs from Healthy Options. I might buy some ZMA and thermogenic stuff as well. I also wish there was Biotest stuff in Manila.

Any other Filipinos here?

I am curious as well about this. I’ve seen a lot of huge Filipino BB based in the PI. I am pretty certain they are using gear, it makes me wonder how easy it is to acquire these stuff in the PI.

I was there for 10 months a couple of years ago but I brought my own supply of supplements. However, I have found a couple of health stores carrying variety of BB products in Glorietta 3 Mall in Makati and also in Mega Mall Galleria in Pasig. If you are nearby any of those areas, you may want to check them out.

I am new to T-Nation and currently researching the Biotest products. I will definitely bring some selected Biotest supplements on my upcoming visit to the Philippines this summer.