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Supplements in Ontario

I’m from Ontario and was wondering if there any others from here who has a good webiste to purchase supplements from - ones that carry the Biotest line…

your help is appreciated!



Why don’t you just order it direct from Biotest.

It is much cheaper and if you can order 2-3 items at the same time you’ll save that much more money.

I never had any rejections from customs for any of their products: Carbolin 19. HOT-ROX Extreme, ZMA, Flameout.

Always order using the USPS option and not UPS.

If you do not trust Canada customs then try the following Canadian suppliers:

Do a search on this site. I posted an earlier article on getting Biotest supplements in Canada along with the website and contact number for the Biotest importer who is located in Hamilton, Ontario.

In the end, it is still way cheaper to order direct from Biotest.

I assumed that i would have to spend a lot of money for shipping but i’ll check out the Biotest website to see the price difference.

Thanks for the info!!!


Im currently managing a store in Alberta and am trying to find a more cost effective way of bringing a ton of Biotest stuff into my store.
The one Canadian distributor that I have talked to just wanted too much money. The search continues.
See Ya


Good stuff.