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Supplements in Ontario Canada?



I've been a loyal Biotest product user for a while... extremely happy with the products. However, with financial times changing, the Canadian dollar being weak compared to the American again, I can't be shipping in Biotest right now and paying duty, shipping, and the exchange rate.

For this tough time, where can I get some supplements that are of good quality and a lesser price? I don't expect to find Biotests equivalent... just something that isn't complete crap, or a total rip off.

Right now I use...

Metabolic Drive Complete

Surge Recovery

German Creatine


*And right now working more isn't an option. If I did work more, that money would go to things other than supplements anyway. I'm currently a student, studying my face off, working towards qualifying for a scholarship and fully funded research apprenticeship. So I am really looking for locations to buy supplements (online included) and/or particular supplements I can try in the meantime until my financial situation improves.



avoid A1supplements.com and mysupplementstore.com although they're cheap, they don't exactly deliver all your supplements...if any.


Thanks for the heads up!

Any suggestions of places that you have tried, online or otherwise? Also, some decent supplements?


Ya healthy planet. Its by far the cheapest no questions. I have tried supplementscanada.com and fitnessone and this place takes the cake. The scarborough location is at parkway mall (ellesmere and victoria park). But they dont have many, or any, Biotest supps so you will have to find alternatives, which there are tons of. Enjoy.


Im pretty impatient so I dont usually buy online. I go to Popeyes. Not the chicken joint. But Im sure Im paying too much money there.


Thanks a lot for the advice so far.

Any particular proteins shakes, creatines, and zinc/magnesium supplements that you have found to be of good quality? The shit I bought before Biotest always sucked... I don't want to go back to something too horrible!


Optimum Nutrition is good and so is Dymatize. Animal products are always a safe bet as well.


I've used it all but allmax, ultimate nutrition and kaizen were the best, kaizen being the cheapest; ultimate nutrition being the tastiest (and most expensive)