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Supplements In NZ


Hey yall im having trouble finding supplemnts that are the same as the ones that are being usd by yall have any of yall got any suggestions on alternatives to Grow!, Surge, and HOT-ROX, i cant get any of these in NZ and if i order them from overseas they will take too long to get here.
Im on my way to a better ripped up huge body and i need all the help i can get.


You can get all Biotest Supps at Nutrition Plus stores.

Where abouts are you in NZ? I'm in Auckland.

Also, I order off this website all the time. The Fedex delivery is usually about 4 days, but once I got my order to my door in under 48 hours.

This website is also WAY cheaper. Nutrition Plus will charge an extra 30% to 50% compared with the online store.


Thanks Chris, I never realised Biotest supps are available in NZ until now.


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T-guys from NZ: What's your opinion on our homeland products i.e. Horleys supps? What do you think when compare to Biotest's supps?

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Yea im in TGA the stores around here dont have any of the Biotest stuff i will be in AKLND next week so ill have a look around up there cheers for that T brothers maybe some pics down the track a bit for progress ay wot do ya think


Yeah, there are actually a lot of people on here from NZ. Well there are a lot registered, I don't know if they actually use the site much or post much.

It would be good if people could enter more than just their country on their profile, then you could search for people in your area, there might even be some poeple already training where you train.

I saw a couple of guys in Testosterone t-shirts training in a Wellington gym about a year ago when I was there for a few weeks on business.

As for sups, my advice is to order off the online store, especially with the good exchange rate at the moment.

The shipping is quite high, about $60 per order from memory, but if you do a large order this cost is spread over all the stuff you are ordering so it ends up cheaper than at a local store.

I know when MAG-10 was around I saw it in shops for nz $280 a bottle! You could get is online for closer to $150 including shipping.

MAJOR POINT: If your order ends up over nz $500 you have to pay import duty AND gst. And the gst is on top of the import duty, eg you have to pay tax on your tax. The total is about 25% tax.

Customs will impound your order untill you pay. You can pay via credit card over the phone, but this is a major waste of money. A $600 order becomes $750.

If you want to avoid this you need to keep your order under $500. This means making more small orders and paying shipping on each order, but I reckon it is still cheaper than paying tax.

I got stung bad on this when I first ordered and got stuff for all my friends. The total was over $1000 which meant handing over another $250 to the government.


Hey Thanx for that, it sounds like the best way to go and the most cost efective. i will be looking out for those T-Nation shirts in the gym.
Too good my NZ buddys lift hard and go the ABs


Good post Chris, especially the point about customs duty and GST. I learnt that one the hard way!

I moved to Sydney last year, and trying to order direct from Biotest today, I found that they don't ship to Australia. Can you believe it! Man, I'm not happy. As with NZ, the retailers here will tuck you well above what you can source the product for from Biotest.


Similar gripes with the Aussie import laws here. I don't see what the problem is. If some companies can do it, what's wrong with an individual importing a small amount.

Furthermore, why can't Biotest set up a small operation in Australia? There must be a huge untapped market just waiting there. Last time I looked, the fitness/bodybuilding crowd is huge.



You can check out biotestedge.com.au or for kiwis biotestedge.co.nz

However, the prices on those sites obviously incorporate a profit component for those distributors, making the supps more expensive than ordering directly form this site.

The crazy thing is, you can still import Biotest supps into Oz from other internet sites.

Therefore, my only guess is that the shipping cost incurred by Biotest (I used to pay $65USD to Auckland) perhaps doesn't allow for the fedex cost and direct labour (picking, packing, dispatch) incurred by Biotest? Therefore, they must have decided that a distribution model in NZ and Oz is what works best for them.


i use the miada protiens which I find pretty good. would be interested o hear any other feedback on them?

I have orered stuff from Biotest and it always comes on time. I would never order anything big/ bulky and fast to use like Surge or Grow! however. Its just not cost effective. HOT-ROX and MAG-10 are (were) always good to me


Regarding Horleys, I think I used some of their "wieght gainer" type products about 10 years ago. Nasty taste, nasty consistency. All around nasty (IMO).

Regarding Miada, I won't use the stuff. However, I had a work mate who was using the miada protein and said it tasted OK and mixed well. As for quality and his results, he wasn't serious enough about his other dietary intake or his training to be considered a worthy subject to represent the results :wink:


Hey Fellas:
I am from New Zealand aswell. Just wondering if any of you guys now where you can buy egg whites in the Auckland area. i know Zeagold foods do sell em for $32 for 6 litres out in avondale.
Do you guys know any other companies or products out there ?



Yea i was doing the Math and it didnt seem very cost effective to buy those Grow! and Surge but i would be interested in the HOT-ROX and MAG-10
So what protien and MRP do you use???


I'm travelling in Wellington and Auckland for the next 2 weeks - does anybody know any good pay as you go gyms that I could use or any good restaurants?


horleys makes really great protein,if you can believe what supp companys put on their labels it stacks upwell against other protein powders,have used horleys ice whey for a year or so and have found it really good.i have read that new zealand and ireland produce the best quality protein in the world.


Any reason why you wont touch Miada? I hav heard pretty good things but would be interested to hear other opinions


I've been using Miada products now for about 4yrs, very cheap and if you go into the shop you can ask Dale the owner/manager all the questions you want and he's more than happy to answer them. Just don't piss him off, he's about a solid 120kg! I believe that Horleys is desighned for the supermarket shopping Mums on a diet week.


Yeah ive got the Horleys supps at the moment they all i can get my hands on at the moment, are the Miada supps sold in Health 2000 stores or out side of Auckland or where ever they are sold?
How about an alternative to HOT-ROX?


probably sourcing the same protein anyway, so in the end its what else they put in the final product to make it taste better