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Supplements in Kansai

I live in Kobe Japan and am looking for supplements (Grow!, Surge,…) in Osaka or Kobe.

I have found a couple (they are all Weider products or crap) but want to know if anyone has found anything different or where online they order from?

Thanks for your help.


Good luck. I live in Tokyo and the only brands I can easily find are Weider and Savas. Sports Authority has a Gold’s Gym product, I’m not sure what type.

I order online. I’d like to get Surge but can’t find it here [in Tokyo] and I don’t want to pay a lot to ship in a product I’ve never tried. I do order online but they’re slower than molasses but they are willing to ship to Japan and at the time, they had the best price. Speaking of which, it’s almost time for another order.

Let me know if you find anything better.

I’ll definately let you know.