Supplements in Australia?

Hey guys and girls, just wondering wat supplements people use in Australia. Do u buy/use local products or order overseas products or order through this site.

Does anyone recommend any Australian brands or at least brands that are sold in Australia.

OR (final one)

where in Sydney to get products from this site like Biotest’s products. I haven’t seen any around.


If you want any of the Biotest products, I would just get them through T-Nation. It’s probably better to buy a few things at a time so that the postage is spread over a number of products.

I just bought 2 bottles of Surge and 2 bottles of Metabolic Drive and it worked out to be cheaper than I could get it locally.
Optimum nutrition does a good whey, and you can find plenty of unflavoured ones around if you don’t care about taste too much.

You can also get alot of Biotest products (as I do) through complete health, or ada-street.

The latter is a fair bit cheaper, and they’re quick on delivery, although low on a few products atm.

Hey Darfy,
I buy heaps of supplements here in Aus. You can get supplements just about anywhere. Check the internet for providers. vitamin king, The edge, and vitamin world. MR vitamins and other retail outlets are around.

Places like workout world and even big Pharmacies can have a good range of supplements. even coles and woolies sell whey protein powder albiet at a hefty price for small volume.

So far I have found that when it comes to responding to email enquiries Aussie companies suck (pains me to say it). US companies seem heaps better email responders. I tried to find info about the brand endorsed on this site from the Australian listed distributor but they were less than brilliant although did eventually reply to my third email.

I get Biotest amino acids from retail (high potency BCAA’s…pretty good) but haven’t seen to many of their other products around. they also do a testosterone booster that seems to be around as well.

As for brands and such…it doesnt really matter that much. Horleys seems to be our local brand of choice for Whey but they are new zealand anyway. AUssie bodies are a local producer but i’m not that fussed on them. Personally I seem to end up with a spread of brands as long as the product is reasonably priced.

As for ordering from this website i’ve never done it. their products used to be endorsed by Charles Polliquin which i why i fist looked into them. Give them a try but let me know how they worked for you. If you want any more info give me a post although i dont internet often.

It all depends on what you want and how you are going to use it.

I have tried Biotest products from the aus distribution site. Aswell as ebay. They rock. Im going to order from T-Nation for my next batch given how well our dollar has been doing lately.

Metabolic Drive is great, at first it seems a little expensive however when all you want is a powder you can really quickly mix up to drink and actually tastes good. Then its great. Everything else on the shelves pretty much sucks.

If your going to mix up a super shake i would go for the unflavoured stuff at . Its bland, but hey its cheap and i dont spray it into the toilet later. But then i mix it with yoghurt and fruit, etc so it costs allmost as much as plain Metabolic Drive. So id get both.

As for pill products i would get some Flameout from here, Power Drive, Spike, ZMA and then look for a sale on bottled fish oil locally if your going to want alot of EFA’s.

For some reason ZMA is extremely expensive here, but dirt cheap in the US. Go figure.

You would be surprised. Look around and compared to some of the other US brands Biotest is actually pretty cheap especially given the quality.

If anyone would like to share how much shipping costs them on their last order i think it would help others plan what they are going to get.

i’ve been recently buying from but just recently bought of T-Nation since it’s a hell of a lot cheaper

I buy my supplements (except for vitamins etc) from this site. I just make sure that I order in bulk so the postage isn’t as bad.

thanks heaps everyone. Yeh seen a lot of different stuff here. Seems like there are good brands in GNC health shops which i saw at the fitness expo, but just had no idea about reputation and what works. With just all the rave and great compliments on this site about Biotest i was leaning towards them. Thats why i was wondering if they are distributed in Aus.
myt just order through here.

Thanks again.


I’m sorry if i come across as an idiot but how do I go about getting Biotest products if I live in Australia?