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Supplements in Australia


I'm currently doing study abroad at Melb Uni. I would like to get some protein, fish oil and multivitamins, but I'm not sure where to go. I found GNCs, but I doubt they are the best places to go. Where do you guys get your stuff?


Whey Protein - I use unflavoured 'Nature's Own' very well priced.

Multivitamin - Eagle Brand "Tresos-B" and Fish Oil - Nutrigenics EHA/DPA. Ask for both of these at health food places.


If you're in the city, then theres a good discount vitamin store on Elizabeth St near Collins. Forget the exact name, but its all vitamins/minerals as you walk in, but if you go to the back theres stairs going down to their training supplements with all sorts of protien powders and lifting supplements etc. Best spot I've found so far.


Anything I can't get from BiotestAustralia.com I tend to get from Go Vita.


There are a few good online stores that give awesome discounts, there are also many decent stores in the malls around the suburbs which carry alot of what you would be looking for.


yep - some of the best prices here - called Vitamin Me


I import mine. PM me.


Biotest Australia is the place to go. Max's has some alright proteins now, Redbak is also ok.
Can't wait till we get Flameout here too.


its prob cheaper tp get your straight from here fro Biotest products. rule of thumb, add $10us for each product to be sent & it should come in less. locally i buy from vitamin king, asn, thexton, myopure, city health or natural health direct depending what im after...


isnt natures own that god awful soy crap you can get most supermarkets?