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Supplements I Should be Taking While on a Cycle


I am 44 y/o and am about to start the third cycle in my life albeit more than 10 years since my last cycle. To be honest this will also be the first time I actually did any pre planning or prepping for a cycle rather than just getting all jacked up when some meathead at the gym offered to sell me some test. I assume while on a cycle most of the supplements that I am taking such as Test booster, NO2, Creatine may not be necessary, or perhaps I’m wrong and they’re even more necessary. I don’t know one way or the other.
My question is, while on this upcoming cycle which I will start on May 1st what supplements will enhance and assist in making any progress become a more permanent process? The upcoming cycle is primarily aimed at cutting fat while adding some muscle in the process. I am planning an 8 week cycle with 3-4 weeks for PCT.
This is what my cycle consists of.
T3 Unipharma 25µgr Every Day till fat loss goal 
Nolvadex 20MG Every Day 1st 6-8 weeks  
Testosterone Enanthate 250 / 2X wk  
Arimidex 1MG every 3 days  
Winstrol 40mg every day 6 weeks


VERY basic info at best. This topic has been covered repetitively to the point it’s not really even a question you’d think someone would ask anymore.
A simple Google search and you’re GTG


For me man I use supps that keep my liver healthy as well as my cholesterol in range.

fish oil
Vitamin d
Calcium d glucarate

These are basic and things I take regardless but seem more important on cycle