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Supplements/Gear For Injury Prevention

I’m a 34 year old amatuer MMA fighter. I’ve recently suffered from a rash of injuries over the last 6 months. My diet is good, I take multivitamins and protein powder, but no other supplements.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for supplements (legal is best, but I’m open for other suggestions) that would help recovery time and also help in prevention. It also can’t be anything that screws too much with my libido as the wife and I are currently working on making some kids.

Thanks in advance.


fish oil. creatine may help too. they’re legal. no messing with libido and dirt cheap.

anybody else? Some more input would be great.

Retire. Your 34 and you don’t make a living from a high risk hobbie.

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I train MMA as well. How often are you hitting the mat?

I find that getting in lots of good fats(fish oil/flax oil/olive oil) helps. So does sleep. ZMA works wonders. So does getting in some good protein(Grow!)

An Idea - at 34, and given the high intensity of our sport, your testosterone levels might be in the crapper - you may wanna look into that and get tested.