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Supplements from T-Nation. What Do I Need?


I've been purchasing some stuff from GNC, which isn't too expensive but the stuff here is half the price, and I love half-off. But is this stuff really awesome? I mean, I don't want any shills. :wink:

But i've heard good stuff about Surge, Grow! HOT-ROX etc. What should I get if I want to maximize my workouts and get the best results as fast as possible? I'd like to know why it's better than GNC's amp lineup (besides the fact that it's cheaper! which is a great trade-in in itself) and if it's worked with you guys personally, better than over other options.

At the moment i'm in the lifting game to cut fat, gain muscle and stay healthy! so whatever helps with my usual routine. thanks guys. :slight_smile:


I haven't tried Grow! yet, I still have a 5lb jug of ONS that I am using.

Metabolic Drive Low-Carb I love the taste, I take it at night and I definitely sleep better than I have been in awhile. I will continue to purchase this stuff

HOT-ROX; Either I'm not in tuned with my body or I just don't know what the hell is going on, I don't feel anything really from it (Only been taking it for 2 weeks tho)

Flameout; It is definitely higher quality than the stuff I use to get, tho I still get the burps of fishy taste. I definitely feel better

Superfood; To me is one of my favorites. I don't have to worry about the fruits/veggies as much and I can get more meat without worrying if I'm taking in all the necessity's

Surge; So far it has been good to me. I don't notice a "HUGE" difference from my Gatorade/dextrose/protein powder concoction but I have noticed a difference.

Leucine; 20 more days and I will let you know


If you get fish oil burps, stick the container in the freezer.... and have them that way.

No more fish oil burps !


When it comes to supps, you pay more for quality. People wouldn't stay in business if they used top quality ingedients and sold for dirt cheap. Some people can get away with using shit supps and still make gains. I'm not going to take that chance.


i like Surge and Grow!. IMO u don't need all the fancy shin dings


For the basic stuff, Surge Recovery, Grow!, Flameout would be what I would recommend.

I love the other products as well but those are the main 3 I would use. I've used almost all of the products save a few and they performed at least (or exceeded) the expectations I had of the product.


Thanks, guys. I'm going to look into Surge and Grow! on my next monthly purchase.. because I can save at least $40 and a trip to the mall.

Also, I'm going to stay away from HOT-ROX because my oldest brother had issues with this thyroid, but it was mostly related to his severe schizophrenia and his medication, but call me paranoid. I don't feel comfortable with it.


I'd stay away from everything not basic (Fish oil, Surges, proteins, and Superfood) until it is needed anyway


i've tried leucine, Flameout, Power Drive, Superfood. i'll probably continue to use Superfood and possibly Power Drive. i'm going to ditch the Flameout for generic (cheap) and ditch specific aminos altogether.

haven't tried any of the proteins here. i can't justify the price.