Supplements Found In Cupboard

I have been looking in my supplement cupboard and found several things , CLA+ for fat loss, chromium picolinate, beta alanine and glutamine.

Do you feel that any of these have much value for someone looking to lose a lot of weight . I am also in alarge calorific deficit 1000 -1500 calories per day for last 10 days.

I am timing my meals around my workouts.

Why do you keep making these threads, asking about very nuanced topics?

Don’t bother with supplements unless you actually need them. A daily vitamin, ample vitamin D, proper diet, exercise and fluid intake will get you where you need to go.



Maintaining your current large calorie deficit is all you need.

We’re rooting for you. Keep going.


His food log says hes been cutting for 5 years. I think keeping a caloric deficit is not his thing.

When I was my biggest and most impressive - I took a Parillo multivitamin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, protein powder, Parillo fiber bars, Parillo liver protector, and Parillo joint stuff. I really like the Parillo stuff - it is pricey, but I was getting it free. That was it for the non-pharma shit.

Otherwise, it was just good solid food.


Any of you have experience with Spirulina? I have had once or twice and it doesn’t taste nice.
52 cal for 40 g protein though.
Should be good when dieting yah or nay?

Umm wut?

40g [protein] x 4cal/g = 160cal

Math is dodgy here, and for like the 15th time a resounding “NO”! You don’t need supplementation, as mentioned a few times (I think) before. Stick with the boring old diet method of eating less.


Why not ? 15 g of spirulina is the same as 40 g of peanut butter protein according to the pack .
It’s like taking a protein shake .

I am eating less but it is difficult to get the right amount of protein on so few calories.

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This is not correct.

lean meat (chicken breast) is very close to these calories. I’d rather eat as much as I can in a deficit.


The pack is incorrect. Thanks thought it was too good to be true.

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egg whites in a carton are the super food you are searching for.


I thought you were looking at spirulina capsules as that was the first thing that popped up on my google search. If you want to use this - sure, but it seems unnecessary.

The pack is not incorrect you are misreading it.


I will have to look for them. They are rare in the UK.
Would boiling an egg and just removing yolk be Ok?
Presumably the bought ones taste nicer.

Thank you it says 10 . Damn .

They are at Tesco

Thanks I’ll check. I remember they were quite expensive. Could be worth it though.

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You can just drink it . I assumed it was like the white of the egg. I’ll check it out. £3 not too bad.

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you could but you need to eat and chew to feel satiated otherwise you might binge.

pour the whole carton in a casserole dish. add some onion, mushroom, green pepper. one serving of bacon bits. bake it. salt, pepper, hot sauce, enjoy!

eat it 4x per day and crush your protein goal.


Many thanks.

I’ll pick up some next time I’m in Tesco’s. Sounds like a good idea making it into a proper meal of sorts.

I tried a glass of the Spirulina. It must taste better when hungry.