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Supplements For Women?


My girlfriend has been working out with me off and on for about 4 months. She likes the chocolate Metabolic Drive low carb mix, but that's about the only thing she was taking "consistently" (and I use that loosely, as it took her about 3 months to get through one canister).

She has recently decided that her schedule is free enough to "really hit the gym hard" and wants to get in on my next supplements order. The problem is that I'm really not sure that she needs anything, or that the stuff I get would even help her. She has taken one of my HOT-ROX (one) and said that she felt "high" and "full of energy all day long", so she says she really wants a bottle of that. shrugs I was going to pick up a canister of SuperFood for her too, since I don't think she currently takes a multi.

She's about 5' 3", 130ish lbs, but I'd say mostly skinny-fat, as she typically only does cardio when she worked out in the past. She wants to tone up, "get stronger", and lose about 10 lbs of fat. I've tried to explain to her that she doesn't really "need" supplements where she's at for her goals.

She just needs to get in the gym and work, and pay closer attention to her dietary habits. She believes that there is a psychological motivation in taking supplements, though, and she's willing to spend the money. shrugs

Should I just get her regular old high quality fish oil instead of Flameout? I thought I remember reading that Flameout was really geared more towards men is why I'm asking that. Anything else anyone would suggest that might be worth adding to the list, other than good food?

Thanks, I really appreciate it. I just have no clue what supplements women like her would even take.


Biotest doesn't sell an "ovary support" supp or anything, it's basically the same stuff.

For a generic human, good ideas are multivitamin, fish oil. Protein powder is good. Superfood might be good if she just doesn't eat vegetables. something like HOT-ROX would be good if she just starts dragging as on a diet, or likes the boost to crush weights in the gym. You know, just like guys.


I've seen girls take everything from Size On to PWO's to thermogenics...if she's just readiy to "hit it hard" just stick with the multi-vitamin and fish oil and vitamin C, no one needs supplements right off the bat. If she's wanting to spend the money, get her spending it on quality food to get her diet on-track. One should get their diet/weight training on key first before adding supplements in.


"One should get their diet/weight training on key first before adding supplements in. "
Very true statement.

If she is determined to take sups suggest Vitamin D and fish oil, post work-out whey is fine but solid food is good too, particularly if her food choices and diet need work.

What do you mean by "get stronger" -your quotes, not mine.


Assuming she's relatively young, now is a good time for her to do her damndest to increase bone density, vitamin D and calcium are important things for her to supplement.

Resistance training is also a good thing, do your best to encourage that.