Supplements for Training/Knee Pain?

Hey I’m new to T Nation but not bodybuilding
Two years ago I decided to compete but was advised from a coach who wasn’t expierenced turns out after my prep I obtained two damage knees and my body went out of Wac to lack of nutrition. Now that I’m back to training and want to cut my fat I wanted to know a least of supplements to help boost confidence strength as well as balance my diet just to sort of help me during my 5 am workout and knee pains thank you

among other things load up on a quality fish oil like Flameout

Vitamin D

Magnesium (such as magnesium glycinate found in Elitepro Minerals)

Eat enough calcium: eat spinach or kale, yogurt, almonds, couple scoops of Metabolic Drive, etc

Vitamin K (K1 and K2 Mk-7, you can include Mk-4 as well which most decent products have)

Curcumin & Flameout