Supplements for Total Body Women Program?

Hi Christian, I’m on week 4 of the total body women’s workout and I haven’t noticed too much of a result with getting leaner around my waist area. I feel stronger though and it might just be too early to see the results I’m hoping for. I’m not taking any of the Supplements but am now considering that this might be the missing piece.

However I can’t afford all three that you recommended so, which do you think I should purchase if I can only buy two of the three? Also, curious how Indigo effects women since most of the review are from men?

Hope you can provide some feedback but overall I love your workouts and your honest blogs!

  1. If your diet in check. With the volume and intensity level of that program it is literally impossible not to lose fat unless the diet is inadequate.

  2. Fat doesn’t always come off of where we want it. You can’t decide that it will come off the waist first. The body will mobilize the fat that is easier to mobilize and when those “supplies” are low it will mobilize it from elsewhere.

3.Indigo works just as well with women as men. My wife used it several times to lose a large amount of fat.

The first time she went from 140 to 121 in about 10 weeks. She was obviously following a good diet too but not what I would call a crazy restrictive one either. At the time I was training her in Colorado pretty much the way the program you are following is designed.

The she had some major negative events in her life that made her stop caring about how she looked or what she did and she ballooned up over a 2 years period. She has gotten back into serious training and using Indigo for about 3 months now. She lost 25lbs in that time frame.

Thanks Christian for the feedback. I do think that it’s my diet. I think I don’t eat enough. I will usually have a shake in the morning, a snack mid-morning, salad at lunch, snack and dinner is usually protein and veggies plus a “treat meal once a week”. My diet is healthy, but with this kind of training it seems as though I have to eat more?