Supplements for the Stressed Man?

Cliff notes:

  • My dad seems to be quite stressed lately
  • I’ve already set him up on adaptogenic herbs.
  • I’m considering adding zinc and magnesium to the stack.
  • What minerals/vitamins would help out?


ZMA would give him better quality sleep, just avoid any calcium containing foods around the time of the dose. Which adaptogenic herbs did you suggest to him?

200-400 mg of L-Theanine mixed in decaf green tea. A gram of Mg split into two dosages, one post-work out and the other before bed on an empty stomach. RR is amazing for stress; Biotest’s Rhodiola Rosea is the best by far from personal experience.

Jack Daniels?

Have you given any thought to eliminating the stressor itself? Obviously I don’t know the situation, but if a guy is stressed by a job, spouse, friend, etc. then just take a vacation. Maybe he works a lot and needs a break from work, the wife, the kids, etc. Although various supplements can help, I’d really try to find a way to relieve stress without taking something.

A punching bag makes a great Christmas gift!!


Hi Mondy - I echo what the prior posts have to say, but would add that I’ve found 1 Cap of Z-12 at around 5-6:00 works great (if I’m not scheduled to train that evening) it really takes the edge off. Also, Rhodiola & Valerian do a nice job (3 Valerians usually do it for me)

A couple hours before bed: ZMA/Melatonin, and Z-12 if needed (1-2) specifically if not taking the Z-12 earlier.

Ideally, a PM workout is the best route for end of day stress relief, and one needs to take a more holistic approach (total mind/body) in regard to dealing with stress, but if his diet is in line (which is the first priority to reducing stress, through sound nutrition/macro nutrients) then the above supplements will help.

Foam roll.

Good supplements listed here, but treat the wound itself rather than just putting a band-aid over it.

You will only really have optimal effects if the stressor is physiological in nature, if the spouse or work is the stressor, the only help there is a different outlook on them (May I suggest apathy?)

Z-12 is a good choice. It helps a lot with sleep, and it does have theanine which helps relax in general. If there are nights I don’t take z-12, I still take 200mg of theanine. It has a great calming effect.

And stop busting his balls! All kids do it, so stop it! :wink:

He’s working on a project, so the stress for now is inevitable. I’ve suggested him to try a hops/valerian complex. I’ve heard that certain vitamins/minerals are depleted when a man is stressed, anyone know whether if there is any truth to this?

Vitamin C couldn’t hurt.

Where do you live? Is it winter or cloudy where you live now? If so, a Vitamin D supplement wouldn’t hurt as well.

Improve health, both mental and physical

  1. Remove/minimize stress
  2. Diet improvements
  3. Improve Sleep
  4. B Complex
  5. Vit D could help drastically as he’s most likely deficient, but it would result in an improvement in health
  6. Omega 3’s