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Supplements for the Over 40 Guy

For starters: T-Nation is just unreal. So much information here, I just can’t believe it. OK. So.

42 years old, training 3x a week (good, brutal full body programs, culled mostly from articles here), getting active-recovery cardio on days off, and watching my diet. Started at 40 at 255 with 32% bodyfat, and no ability to run a half mile, bench 100 pounds (no kidding) or do 15 flat crunches. Now at 215, 12% bf, and all other numbers are pretty solid - benching more than my bodyweight, squatting, running multiple miles, and abs are good and solid - if not quite visible.

Possibly of even more interest was the fact that I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and insane cholesterol - taking literally a HANDFUL of meds. I now take no meds, and am happy to say that my diabetes is actually CURED. What do you know? This shit works.

So I find myself at the next level: wanting to get bigger, get the bf down to see the abs, and provide the exertion required for my girlfriend (she’s 31, thank you very much). I’ve amped the workouts, been far more diligent about the diet, and I’m starting to see some results - but I’m wondering about supplementation.

Currently I’m taking Biotest BCAA (before and after workouts), Flameout (2 caps daily), Tribulus and Arginine in the morning, and Carnitine before bed. I was taking ZMA at bedtime, but stopped as I wanted to discern gains from a more basic set of supps.

Advice? Am I way off base anywhere? More of something? Less of something? Something new? Throw it all out and have more sex?

Thanks in advance - and nice to meet you all.


Get some hormone testing and see if everything there is well.

Test TT, FT, E2 at the very least.

Your health change is amazing.

Could you be over training?

I don’t think so. I feel good when I train, have no problem pain, and am still adding muscle, albeit slowly.

I assume TT is Testosterone - what are the others?

TT = Total Testosterone
FT = Free Testosterone
E2 = Estradiol

Hormone testing scheduled. What are the acceptable ranges, and what should I do if they need adjusting?

Any other thoughts on my current supplement regimen?

Go to the link below and read as many of the sticky’s as you can.