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Supplements For The Frugal Minded


Hi Warriors and Warrior Princesses:

If you were strapped for cash, what are the essential supplements that you would recommend (especially those on a tight budget)?


Fish oil, protien powder (only really for easy carrying), multi vitamin. Done


multivitamin, fish oil, whey protein, buy aminos and creatine separate and mix them together pre-workout and take the aminos during your workout, followed by a protein shake


This is what I was going to say.



Thanks everyone...

I know that multi is foundational...no brainer there.

Fish oil...now this can be various...which fish oil do you use? Brand?

Protein Powder? Again, brand?

BCAA? Brand?


protein, fish oil, ZMA.


I just go with the cheapest. Choose a whey protein that has at least 20 grams of protein per scoop and has whey isolate listed before concentrate. Isolate has better bio availability than concentrate, plus consuming a lot of concentrate gives you protein farts.


I get all 3 from costco. The pro is 27g pro per scoop no soy protein in it not sure the brand but its 40 for 6lbs. The fishoild and multi are kirkland brand the multi is performance multi and fish oil is fish oil. I can look for the specifics on EPA later


Haha I use all of the exact same products, brand and all. lol


Is there a certain point at which one eats enough fish to not even need fish oil? I eat 400-800 cals/day of relatively fatty fish, and I'm not supplementing that with fish oil at the moment. Should I consider it?


@Maym: Thanks...I am looking at proteins like One World Whey, Sun Warrior, or Jay Robb. I just don't trust the other companies that put artifical sweetners, fillers, and the like.

@Ryan: Cosco...I know the affordability is massive at Cosco yet are the brands and companies reputable?

@Three: Depends on what type of fish are you eating? From what sources?


You should be ok i think as long as they are fish with lots of omega 3s. I bet if you ask John M in one of his spills he could give you a more solid response


They are cheap and good. Perfect for me then


Not sure how reputable they are i just know what i get form there is good. The protein is good the fish oil good and vitamins good. Also lots of the food is organic and still cheap. The only way to buy food is in bulk and its much better quality than Sam's club IMO


Whenever you're buying cheap protein, make sure you check ingredients and make sure you're getting Whey isolates/hydrolysates..

but, i'm with ya, broke and in college. i try and keep these in my house at all times

whey&casein proteins (you could get all your protein req's from food, but it's honestly cheaper to buy the protein powders)

there are all kinds of discounts sites with brand-name products at rock bottom prices, out of respect for the site, i'll leave it up to you to find them.


vit d3 and fish oil (for overall health)

then, protein powder and ZMA and creatine and BCAAs etc (for physique goals etc)

would also recommend this site's supplements (fish oil, proteins etc) ahead of other retail outlets



Consumer Report looked at contaminants in protein shakes. let me find it.. Here:


Aren't those largely trace amounts? I thought that "study" was fairly misleading.


Fair question; I don't know. Will look up later if they're significant or not.