Supplements for the Elderly

So my grandfather health is starting to deteriorate and it made me think of an interesting topic. What supplements would you recommend to someone towards the end of their life? I am in no means going to suggest these to him, it just brought up an interesting question. I feel that many of us have gained so much knowledge in the area of nutrition for body building/ athletic purposes, and wonder how it would translate to fighting death in our latter years.

I’ll go first:

I would recommend fish oil capsules, a ‘high performance’ daily vitamin, and a protein shake in the morning. Obviously eating steamed veggies are great for anyone. I think these would be considered pretty orthodox by our standards.

So, what would you all recommend to the elderly if you were their nutritionist?

Alot of people would recommend glucosamine to help with joint pain. Maybe something to help them poop?

Depends Diapers

Alot of people would recommend glucosamine for joint pain.

don’t old people just drink ensure? That’s what I see all the old people drinking these days.

1g of test weekly. screw it, you’re old.

my grandma has started taking fish oil, and it seems to be helping her memory and clarity a bit. she takes a multi vitamin and glucosamin as well and seems to be in better shape that alot of people her age.


A quarter ounce of Purple Haze or Hindu Kush per day. Round that out with a fifth of JD or Maker’s and you have everything an aging body needs to enjoy the last few years of life.

[quote]demonthrall wrote:
1g of test weekly. screw it, you’re old.[/quote]

Possibly the best advice I’ve seen on this site. Sure hope I remember it when I’m approaching death.

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Juicing, both kinds.

Zyklon B

Vinpocentine. Neuroprotective properties that can help slow mental deterioration. Fish oil in high doses.

It’s pretty pedestrian, but tons of blueberries and/or blueberry extract. Believe I read it helps with visual and mental deterioration because of age.

Does your grandfather have any osteoarthritis? My dad has messed-up knees and hips gained through a lifetime of playing tennis, and he SWEARS by this stuff called Osteo Bi-Flex (Extra strength). It’s glucosamine, MSM, and a bunch of other things. He has tried glucosamine and MSM by themselves, with no effect, but he says this formulation works miracles.

You could probably find lots of good info on a web search or pick up a book somewhere. Most older people don’t process nutrients like younger people do. Add that to the slowed down lifestyle, you get muscle loss and a decline in mobility.

Drinks like Ensure have been around for many years, I had a buddy years ago that worked in a VA nursing facility and he’d bring home cases of Sustecal and we’d drink that after lifting. So the old folks need any edge that can get, but by the time you hit 80 and decide to do something, its too late.

My dad is still around at age 92, his big sister is 101 and is in good shape. I was talking to his little brother last week, he’s 85. These people have the longevity gene, but they are not exactly health specimens by any measure.