Supplements for The Best Workout Plan?

Hello Christian. I Turkey / I live in Istanbul. First of all, I liked its program very much. It is a brand new experience for me and my perspective on sports has changed thanks to this program. Thanks to you, I am learning what is really getting stronger. Thank you very much for that. Now my question is. Is there any attachment to your suggestion while implementing this plan? eg bcaa, glutemin, etc

Thank You

Not CT but I can almost guarantee he will say Plazma and Mag-10

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I was going to say this as well. He mentions it at the end of the book. I can vouch for them though, I’m using them both right now and really enjoy them.

I would love to use them I just don’t want to pay for them.

They’re certainly pricey. I recommend saving up and buying in bulk, because you can get a way better deal that way, since they offer discounts for the more you buy.

I guess now that I’m doing three weekly workouts, Neurotype 3 Program, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as doing 6 days a week.

Yeah Especially if you just use Plazma as pre and intra workout on training days.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to these products in Turkey

Perhaps see if you guys have any cyclic dextrin supplements available to you. That’s kind of the key ingredient in Plazma along with hydrolyzed casein