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Supplements for Test/Tren Cycle?

Hey was wondering if I need to take any supplements while cycling? On my second cycle stacking Tren with Test doing 200 of each once a week…

Been lifting for 20 years now… New to Cycling but thanks for your advice :muscle:t2::us:

I’m confused, did this guy make multiple accounts or something? This is merged to someone else’s thread.

Different guy. For whatever reason, @billybobk2 made his first post as a reply in that other thread even though it wasn’t related to the topic in any way, shape, or form.

The commenters seem to have him confused with the other OP because both their names start with B. This is why you need avatars, people! (Joking. Sort of.)

It’s: Sign up to the forum, pick a username, upload an avatar, then start posting, y’all Internet ignoramuses.


Whoops. I think I’m one of the ones @Chris_Colucci noticed got two people confused. My bad man.