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Supplements for Teens

I am 13 years old and trying to gain some weight, would you consider some good whey protein or good gainers?

Start by getting your diet together.
Remember, supplements do just that; supplement what your already doing. If your not eating enough as it is, supplements will hardly help. Plus it’s important to ingrain good diet sense into yourself while your still young.

Once you get your shit togther, Metabolic Drive and Grow! are the protein powders you can get here at T-Nation. There’s a “store” option at the front page for a reason you know.

Still, get your diet together, and read the old massive eating articles. You’ll find that supplements don’t play apart untill you get serious about lifting and eating correctly.

Lift, eat and sleep. Supplements are just food.

Any whey protein you can stand the taste of is fine. Don’t worry about supplements, just make sure you’re getting enough calories and protein.