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Supplements for Teens


I'm planning on purchasing surge for my pre/post workout drink, but I'm unsure as to go with classic or low carb grow. I'm leaning toward classic as I get more bang for my buck.

Appreciate it


what are your current stats and goals?

While Grow is a fantastic protein....REAL food still works.



In short both the classic and low carb grow are great choices.

As Iron Maiden has stated it is dependent on your goals and your current physical shape and diet.

If you are over weight and low carbing then the LC Grow would be the obvious choice. On the other hand if you are trying to pack on mass or simply maintain weight then the classic is a great choice.

That said many ppl lean toward the LC grow for its versitility. By this I mean it is damn easy to add more carbs to your protien supplement if you want them , and then when wanting fewer carb you have it on hand. I just havent found an easy way to remove the carbs from the classic grow yet, when needed.

So once again either choice is great and has it's own place in your diet.

To further stress Iron Maidens post, dont forget the real food. While Protein pdrs are usually a part of my daily diet, you cant beat out real food.



Boyle, since Classic Grow has carbs, there's less protein per scoop. I always buy Low Carb Grow these days, but as I remember it takes three scoops of Classic to equal the same protein as two scoops of Low Carb - 40 grams.

Click on the superstore button on this page to make sure, but I think that's right. I'm assuming that's what you meant by 'more bang for the buck' i.e. there's an extra pound in Classic Grow - but that's just the carbs basically.

Anyway, good choices. Grow and Surge are your core supplements for sure as a teen. Wish they'd been around when I was a teen! T-mag too for that matter!


I think you've pretty much got in bang on. Surge and grow (either classic or LC) are the best supplements for you. However, the key to success at your age is food.