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Supplements for Teens

I was wondering what supplements would be safe, as in not stunting growth or anything similar, for teenagers. I know most of you will give me a response such as, “Just eat well, and train hard! You’re a teenager!” This is NOT what I’m looking for. I already do that. I’ve been working out and eating good for about a year and a half now. I’m currently sixteen, seventeen in June. I already supplement with Creatine, also. But I see very minor, if any results whatsoever. Are there other supplements safe for someone my age to be using? And if so, which ones would be best to help me gain a bit of mass? Thanks!

Their responses might not be what you’re “looking for” but they’re right. If you’re having min. results you’re obviously not doing something right. Be patient, it will come. Now, in responce to your question. I don’t like creatine. I think its a waste of money, but thats just me. Some people swear by it though. As far a supps… a good multi-vitamin, and protien. Don’t smoke, if you drink do it moderatly, and sleep lots of sleep! I know in high school between girls, work, wrestling, and school (in that order) my sleep sucked. Do some more reading on this sight. Its a wealth of knowledge and knowledge is power. Good luck man and keep up the hard work.

Check out the thread on the Grow bars for some advice there on what’s good to eat. I started when I was 16, and it made a world of difference in my life.

I’d consider Surge pre and post workout (say a scoop and a half before and after, and then a meal with good amounts of protein and carbs
within an hour after that) and use of protein supplements like Grow. At your age, I think supplementing nutrition, improving things that should be in the diet anyway, is what should be focused on, rather than using supplements of the sort that really aren’t nutritional but are intended to have specific effects (e.g. ephedrine, or androgens.)

As always you should be trying to get most of your nutrients from what you eat. I think getting your protein from whole foods is better than a shake anyday, don’t get me wrong shakes have their place such as pre/post workout nutrition. People especially teenagers are impatient with the results that good training and nutrtion provide. But if you absolutely cannot get your protein from whole foods I would see no problem in Grow or other protein powders of that nature. I terms of Creatine, I don’t think would cause any problems as long you took the recommended dosages and drank plenty of water. As far as other supps go, wait, use your youth while you still can

I already use protein powder, and bars. I didn’t list that as a supplement because I didn’t see it as one. It’s just good, quality food, as t-mag says. I sleep right, eat right, workout right. I’m patient, and I HAVE seen good results. All I’m asking is what supplements would be safe for me to use! Thanks.

Just eat well and train hard :slight_smile:

Sorry, D…I’m one of the “bad guys” (along with Chris Shugart and others) who will ask you the inevitable: what is your typical diet (calories, macro breakdown) and workout schedule like? “Working out and eating good” is often in the eye of the beholder…

You may not WANT to hear it…but if those aren’t in order, taking ANY supplement will be like pissing in the proverbial ocean…

Sorry man I can’t help you more, but the only other supplements I would take is Surge (post workout) or Power Drive(concentration). A T-booster is the only other thing that I can think of,…that would make a difference, that I personally would use. At your age I don’t really see you needing it. I don’t use and won’t recommend using supplements that I don’t think will make a difference. So if you have the extra money to spend,…by all means go ahead.

Methoxy-7 is nonhormonal. That should be a good next step, IF you do indeed have protein intake and other dietary concerns covered.

I don’t know…maybe we sometimes sound like pricks when we answer these type questions with “Food, Brother, FOOOD!” Personally, I don’t mean to come off that way, and I think most don’t mean to either.

Paul brings up sort of a “bottom line”. If your diet is not in order, you will be wasting a LOT of money and time (which MANY of us have probably done in the past; I sure have!)

So…get that diet in order, D; a good multi, some supplemental protein like “Grow”; “Surge” and maybe some “Methoxy” (AFTER getting your diet and workouts in order). THEN you can bring on the High School Honey’s!

Has anyone read Chris Shugart’s “Heirarchy of Needs” article? I would strongly suggest you do now. It’ll explain why proper nutrition should be your primary focus - THEN supplementation.

You say you do eat well now. How do you know? Do you maintain a food journal? Are you positive you consume enough calories day in and day out to properly nourish your body for a workout, after a workout, for recovery?

Well, thanks for the advice. I firmly believe my diet IS in order, so I think I’ll check methoxy out. Oh, and Mufasa… I already do bring on them highschool hunnies, LOL! Thanks guys. :wink:

C’mon, Defex, put up or shut up. Post your diet & training plan! :slight_smile:

Alright alright! It’s pretty simple. You people act like you’re the only ones who can follow a damn t-mag diet plan or w/o plan right! LOL, jk. I follow massive eating, and german volume training. Is that good enough for you people?! :wink:

Hey, you wont get away so easily!! We want some macronutrient breakdown, total calories, frequency of training, nunber of reps performed and exact time they were performed, the weights used in these, the speed used in each, the clothes you were wearing each day, the brand of the equipement used, etc, etc…

Defex … I’ll believe you when you say that your diet/training is in order. Supps. Personally, I’d NOT ditch the creatine (though I usually recommend to). You can do more damage to your muscles using it rather than not. As well, Neurodrive might allow you to focus and lift more - which is what you should be doing. At seventeen, your body is a recovery factory. Tons of hormones swimming around. You should also consider ZMA. Your testosterone is high, but this won’t boost it unnaturally (just allow it to peak). With creatine and neurodrive boosting your training, and ZMA boosting your recovery - I think you can maximize your gains. Now, you know to eat and sleep big. Keep on doing that. And check your ego at the door. You will be able to lose flab quite easily, so don’t worry about cutting. Honestly, you won’t have to start worrying about flab until you start university. Do NOT use a thermogenic. They’ll just make you lazy. Learn about your body first.

&%$#@ing Powerdrive, I mean …

We need numbers, height, weight, BF%, caloires consumed, macronutrient breakdown, days a week you workout, reps sets, you may be missing something. If all this is truly in order then definitely try a supp. Considering your age, you should be heading in to a natural growth spurt, and not need supplements.

HAHAHA! You guys crack me up. I’ll try your recommendations, El_Machinae. Thanks. ko, sure hope that ‘growth spurt’ makes me grow! I wouldn’t mind growing a bit taller either. I’m 5 '7 and hating it. :wink: