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Supplements for Teens?

ive been debating with myself for a long time about this and I need help. The supplements I take are Surge, Metabolic Drive, Metabolic Drive Complete, whey, creatine, vitamin shoppe fish oil. My question is what would benefit a teen more who already has a good nutrition protocol. Bcaa, switch the vitamin shoppe fish oil to Flameout, or Superfood? Bascially if you could only choose 1 what would you choose if you were a teen?

You are a teen, I would suggest some real food.

Personally I use, Metabolic Drive, Surge, BCAA, Creatine.

what if i already get 200g of protein, 3500 cals and 300 grams of carbs

Missed the point; you aren’t 19 are you? If you are sorry, but how old are you.

If you are like 16, then you shouldn’t be relying on supplements at this stage, but eating real food and training hard.

If you aren’t really young, then BCAAs should be in your supplementation.

im 17 and will be 18 in 6 months. The thing is the supplemnts I listed are all safe for a skid to use, you could give Flameout and Superfood to a 5 year old.

That is true, and I am glad that you aren’t 15 or 16. Yes, everything you listed is relatively safe for younger people to use, with maybe an exception for the fish oil. A lot of fish oil is contaminated with other substances, since it is usually squished fish liver.

Get BCAAs, and if you are eating fruits and vegetables, then I would switch to the Flameout.

Good question I think. I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them, but I think, for health, Superfood would be the best. You are probably getting sufficient protein through your current diet and supps and, even though you may have to take more, you are at least getting fish oil. 10 servings of fruit and 12 servings of veggies a day (or whatever the exact number Superfood provides is) is difficult to get into your diet.