Supplements(for Tampa,Phill,...)

What are ,in your opinion, the better Supplements for:

a)man ,in mass cycle and ripped cycle

b)woman (mass,ripped)



WHY ME??? LOL But thanks,I will do my best and hopefully others will chime in.

Well the questions you asked are WIDE open really. There have been books written by people much more wise than me on single parts of your over all question.

So I guess what I am getting at is that I will simply try and peck down a list of a few things that come to my mind that are use full. This In am sure wont cover all on my end or even touch what others are capable but here you go.

As well the dosing, use of, etc… would / will also vary for each individual and the goals/situation they find there selves in.

Wish me luck all.

Here goes=

  1. Diet= A solid & varied meal plan including adequate water/hydration built to suit ones goals as well as the individual (ABCD)

  2. Training= A solid training plan built to suit ones goals as well as the individual (ABCD)

  3. Rest and relaxation= as much as the body tells you/the individual they need or they are able to get (ABCD)

  4. A good quality multi= Preferably a multi dose variety built not sole around RDA guidelines but around what s optimal. Usually iron free depending on the diet. (ABCD)

  5. Fats= Not only you fish and/or flax oils but many fall short on other areas do to FAT FRIGHT or something. Adequate amounts of ALL fats can be HUGE. (ABCD)

  6. Dare I use the New little saying Peri W/O nutrition. The meal prior, Surge/or Surge type beverage before, during, & after. As well as the meal/s following the training sessions. All very important. (ABCD)

  7. Antioxidants= including vic.c, vit.E, green tea, maybe through in some R-ala and NAC ( I add these in pre and post w/o, extra C, E, R-ala, and NAC) (ABCD)

  8. Low Carb Grow! Or other lesser protein supplement :slight_smile: = for the obvious ( ABCD)

9)Creatine= just a regular old time proven micron zed monohydrate. 5g a day when just take it. I tend to have it with my Surge PWO (ABCD)

  1. ZMA= Good for sleep/relaxation and if the individual is lacking it can be of greater aid. Now that it is so damn reasonable from Biotest I see no reason in not taking it.

OK I think that covers the basics. IMO Now to a more touchy subject other supplements.

  1. Might as well start off big. Anabolics. Be it AAS or various posterior/prohormones if all the above is in line and you have a SMART and properly laid out cycle including PCT this will give the most bang for the buck. I personally have never ventured into AAS (yet) but have done various ps/ph cycles with varied results all greatly influenced by the above variables. (ACD and at times and even greater research /education B)

2)Spike = Gotta say it this stuff give you a hell of an up and is great for a w/o and life in general. (ABCD)

  1. Powerdrive. I still however love my powerdrive/green tea combo for the same. Choose your poison. (ABCD)

  2. Fat burners= HOT-ROX is awesome and I hold it responsibe for restoring my wrecked metabolism after dietary disaster. Other than that I say the old standard ECA is still a good one. Though I still frankly and under the thinking that people benefit more from learning how to lose weight WITHOUT aids first. Yes it can be done. By doing this it lets them know it can be done and that they are not dependent on them but now can use the aid from time to time to help speed things up and break through plateaus, etc…(ABCD)

  3. Alpha Male, TRIBEX, RED KAT, M or the correct combos of each I have seen good results with. ( Usually ACD, with M being a Maybee)

  4. Methoxy-7 = I am new to this one just in my 5 week of trying it out. So far it seems like good stuff. More vascular and hard looking while staying at the same k/cal level that has be bulking and holding a bit more BF than I like visually, but I have to carry to make good gains. So it is a nice eye to brain aid for me. Kinda gives me the little edge to keep eatin big and lifting like an animal and not changing to a cut, just fior the sake of being a little leaner when my ultimate goal right now is to add a few more LBS of LBM. ( A heard great things from B, maybe not as important for C, probably good for D, LOL)

  5. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM= joint health and such. (ABCD)

  6. Just a list of other stuff I like. Sleep aids. Melatonin, valarian, and recently had AWESOME results using glycine @ 3g a day after reading the study in this months LEF mag… I am having some of the best sleep in a LONG time.

Added Calcium supplement in the form of citrate.

Saw Palmetto to keep my prostate in healthy order

Gallons of green tea.

Toying now with licorice root extract

  1. Honorable mentions (stuff I also like/find usefull)

Sunflower seeds I eat them by the damn pound. Not only tates good but a fine source of fats and can be very usefull during a restrictive diet,

Meal partitioning (P+C, P+F) I just find this method really works be it buliing cutting or just living. Don?t get to damn anal about it just try and follow it fairly close and give yourself a break every now and again.

Fun relaxation. Etc… HUGE probably should have been earlier. Have fun and find enjoyment every chance you can in what ever you are doing. I love to workout, so I do it to my fullest. I also love to cook and eat so I follow up my training with a good BIG meal of various types after training, Art. ( yes I?m a freak) But I love to draw and paint so I do that also. Bulid crap. Same here. Point being find and do what you LOVE what you are here for. This will lead to happiness and progression in all aspects of your life.

Gums. Not chewing but xantham and or guar. Not really for their fiber content but for cooking. Thickening various things into opuddings, gravies, sauces, etc… I actually use this stuff A LOT.

  1. Another promising little supp that possibly TT can chime in abiout would be pregnenlone.

  2. Various techniques for recovery such as contrast showers, Epson salt baths, etc… find what works for you and you enjoy when needed.

Much of this is all VERY individual, you just have to sift through it and find the cream as it rises to the top. The fat floating sweetness for me may be a sinking terd for you.

I am sure I skipped a TON of different supps, hint tips and general blabber that I have toyed with or read about. As well as others whom are much mopre wise and all knowing than me. So come on back with anything more direct etc… and I will spew my opinion an as I am sure others will as well.

Hope that helped, Time for me to find a happy place and paint LOL, no training till tomorrow.

Thanx!!!And Tampa…

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Thanx!!!And Tampa…[/quote]

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Killer post! This should be made a sticky thread in the beginner forum. Also, Phil - a question about the glycine…what brand do you take and what frequency do you dose at?


[quote]Riminator wrote:
Killer post! This should be made a sticky thread in the beginner forum. Also, Phil - a question about the glycine…what brand do you take and what frequency do you dose at?


Nevermind…I found the LEF article…



I just picked it up at the Local Vitamin shoppee. Dont have it on hand. I am following the LEF article and taking 3g about 1 hr post nappy time.

Get ready for some dreams.