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Supplements for Strenght Athletes

First off let me introduce myself. My name is Charles. I have have been lifting weights for almost 5 years (started when I was 18). Like some of you I wasted the the first year or so following workouts that were pulled from the pages of M&F or Flex. I later switched to PL for about six months until one day I found a gym that had OL. I have done OL’ing for the last 3 years. I weigh just under 85kg and have recently snatched 95kg(very easily I might add) and C&J 115kg (this lift should be higher, I know.).

I am interested in using some supplements as Andro or 1-Test, but I don’t know much about them or their effects on strength. (I know they are banned substances, but I don’t belong to any organization) Can anyone tell me if either of the types of supplements work well for strenght gains? Can anyone tell me if any of the concerns about HDL, prostate enlargement or prostate cancer are legitamate(sp) concerns? One last thing, I have heard that the these types of products can cause testicular shrinkag. I have also heard steroid users say that shrinkage is temporary and can be reversed post cycle by taking other supplements. Does anyone know what the suppplements are that can help reverse the shrinkage?

Also I am currently using ZMA, TRIBEX and M. I know that you are going to tell me about Mag-10. And I know it’s reputation, but right know I simply don’t have the money for Mag-10. Are there any other brands that you would recommend?

Power Drive.

So…how’s that diet?