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Supplements for Sprinters

Whats up yall, im new here, ive been lookin through this site for some time and i just finaly decided to become a member.

Well enough of that.

As the subject says, Im a sprinter. Ive been takin supplements for a long time now, but my body is kinda getting used t the ones im takin.

Since Im a sprinter, I gotta focus on my “fast-twitch fibers” I do a lot of block work and such, but my question is, does anybody know what kinda supplements I could take that could help me increase my foot speed?

I used to take creatine but then I got off of it.

I take a lot of multi vitamens.

I also have been having some ankle problems. Ive been takin some vitamens for healthy bones and the sort.

Well with all that aside, since im a 100 meter/200 meter sprinter, what kind of sups and vitamens could i take to help aid in my speed?

Thanks all

Nothing will make you move faster, except if you stimulate the CNS with a stimulant, really.

You’re looking for what would increase your strength possibly, which could directly effect your speed due to power.

I’d suggest you read up and looking into articles for explosiveness. My main recommendation for that would be olympic movements basically, but don’t focus on them alone.

Yes I agree. Use movements such as oly lifts and plyos (as well as the usual strength weights) to stimulate the CNS and then carry over the power to the track. Make sure you recover well between workouts on both a CNS and muscular level so no fatigue is apparent.

To add to this and answer your orginal question you could try CNS stimulants such as Spike, caffeine (loosely legal), not ephedrine in this case (illegal) and powerdrive to ellicit a more powerful and concentrated workout.

I have also read that some substances, I think tyrosine for one, can aid CNS recovery but I think the info maybe insubstantial.

Sprinter here as well.

I like Spike. And ZMA.

I swear I’ve seen this same exact thread, and responded to them, at least 3 different times. Try the search engine and type in “Supplements for a Sprinter” and see what happens.

your foot speed doesn’t determine how fast your sprint.

Stride length, stride repetition, and the force that you apply onto the ground determine speed.