Supplements for Speed

What type of supplements are going to give the most gains in speed i take creatine and protein now and work out regularly. Im looking for something to boost my quickness for the upcoming track season??

HMMM might consider something Like Spike a prework out boost. Power Drive for the neural effect?? What kind of distance are we talking Beta-7 may be a great fit for you keeping LA at bay and letting you keep the intensity up


no supplement is going to “boost your quickness”. It might accelerate progress, but just work hard and smart.

Im no so much talkin about being more intense. I apologize for not being more specific. I looking for a type of supplement that may target fast twitch muscles. Im a track sprinted and am going to play wide reciever in college next year and next to build up a little speed and quickness.

Phil’s spot on here.

There is no supplement that will make your fast twitch muscle fibers contract noticeably faster.

The best that you can do in that regard is to use a stimulant of some sort (Spike, Power Drive, etc.) that gets you mentally dialed in. After that, it’s all hard work.

Hope that helps.