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Supplements for Soccer


I training soccer and think to by supplements for next season.I think this:
Interactive Beta alanine for 2 months
NUTREND kre-alkalyn for 2 months
BCAA scitec xpress/NUTREND BCAA liquid for 2 months
fish oil
NUTREND CYCLox L-Citrulline malate (only before matches)

I need strength,endurance and energy.
What do you think for this supplements and brands ?
What do you think for NUTREND ?
I am 17 years old,175/66-7kg.
Excuse me for bad english ! :slightly_smiling:


you dont need a ton of supplements man. A lot of people think that supplements are some magic pill... they arent. Just put in hard work at the gym and on the soccer field (or "pitch" as they call it for some unknown reason)

Get some fish oils, a good multi vitamin and maybe protein powder for times when you dont have enough time for real food. Thats my suggestion


For the love of God, why?

What do you eat? How many practices a week? How long are your games? How many hours a night do you sleep?


every day a multi vit, 1 gram vit c , fish oil ,a little ground flax seed with every meal and 3 litres of water.
plenty of fruit n veg


My eating is good and I sleep 8-9 hours.I have six heavy practices per week.I have good power of endurance,but i need more.Why you dont like my idea (for beta alanine,kre-alkalyne and BCAA)?I need MORE endurance,power and energy,becouse i want to training soccer professional.Is this problem ? It will do harm me ?
Excuse me for bad english ! :slightly_smiling:


Hi camael buddy.
You have come to the right place. Im a semi-pro soccer player myself.
Like the guys said above you dont really need any supplements.
But when in season this is my supplement guide:
before games: I drink about 2L of water and sometime a coffee beofre the game. I suppose bccas wouldnt hurt.
after games and training: 2 scoops of whey and a tablespoon of dextrose

Get lots of sleep, and practice with the ball lots. I would reccomend lifting 2-3 times a week aswell if you can fit it into your lifestyle.

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OK,thank you for your recommendations :slight_smile:
But have i any problemm to test 2 months with Beta-alanine,Kre-alkalyne and BCAA ?I am in new team,better team.
I have endurance,but i want more :slight_smile:
And what do you think for universal animal pack ?
I am 17 years old :slight_smile:
Excuse me for bad english,i hope to understand me :slight_smile:


If you want to take some supplements, I'd use some malto/glucose/whatever and some whey before and during games and practices along with some creatine. Not that you need it, but it would probably work, which I'm not sure your other suggestions would.