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Supplements for Sleep Deprived


g'day - i work a 38hr week, go to night school (course has a 5% pass rate) 2x p/wk, train MMA 2x p/ day 6 days p/ wk & work 2 security night shifts (fri & sat night). im looking for some supps that will keep in good shape & able to function as best as possible. My diet is pretty good. My thoughts are as below, please add anything else you would consider:

Good multi-v
Greens supps (taken with meals that havent got veggies)
Protein powders (Casseinate pre-bed, WPI upon waking & post-workout)


You sound pretty busy. That seems like a quality supplementation program for anyone. But I'm not really sure what such supplements have to with the title of your thread. ZMA can help the quality of sleep and can contribute to feeling rested and general well-being.


If its quality sleep you're after you might want to try some melatonin or 5HTP, or even some valerian. Helps insure a good restful night, but its of course bad to rely on them all the time.


What the hell are you studying that only 5% of the people in your class pass?


Your body needs sleep, theres no way around it. With a schedule like that, its probably going to be hard as hell, but find time. Even if its a nap in the middle of the day when you have a free hour.




Just gonna say that...take like 3g-5g 30 mins before bed...not as good as GHB...but still works. Increases recovery...increases growth hormone.


damn - thread was meant to be titled "Supplements for the sleep deficiant" - dont know what happened there & i dont seem to be able to edit it... sorry gentlemen, ill start a new thread under the correct name...


Customs brokerage...


now ive got no idea what happened to the new thread...


It isn't exactly OTC but modafinil sounds appropriate if you can swing it from your doctor.


i thought GABA was good for neurotransmitters, so wouldn't it be better before a workout?


GABA inhibits rather than stimulates neurotransmitters, thus it is recommended before bed, not pre-workout.


I hate to say it, but with a schedule like that pretty much anything you take is going to have a negligible effect. Sleep is the MOST important factor in optimizing health and muscle recovery. If you are young though, you may be able to get away with it for a while.

My top choice for a natural sleep aid would be 2 g of pharmaceutical grade L-tryptophan with fruit juice on an empty stomach 1 hour before bedtime. Not only will you sleep better, but research has shown that L-tryptophan can increase GH output in the early stages of sleep. It will also help uplift your mood during the day time and reduce anxiety you may experience from a stressful schedule. I would also suggest throwing in some Power Drive before workouts and while in class for exams.


yeah mate, im only 21. got in a bit of debt i want to get out of as quick as possible. obviously this isnt the most desireable way of staying healthy but i gotta do what i gotta do...


It's expensive, and I'm not sure it's worth it.

Some people seem to really get a lot out of it; I found that it gave me stomach/digestive issues, and I wasn't really any more coherent than I usually am after staying awake for 36 hours.


Modafinil sounds very interesting. Its on the list banned substances though, but hey, it will be years before im drug tested anyway.


I think creatine has actually proven effective for the sleep-deprived trainee.

Don't quote me on it but I think there was a study or two.


It was at least in a cool tip.

to the OP: regarding modafinil, make sure you try a sample of it somewhere before you buy it. Like I said, it is pretty expensive if you find out that it really doesn't help.


REM is an excellent product. I keep wondering if it's placebo so I dont' take if for awhile and my sleep was still pretty decent. But my tren useage kinda had me wired last night and what was more likely the culprit was the soda I drank at while watching Nacho Libre (funny shit). ANyway I wasn't tired and saw a restless night ahead, took some Rem and slept real good. Didn't wake up but once around 8 in the am to take a leak, and I was about to burst so I had to get up otherwise I would have slept longer.