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Supplements for Skinny Guys?

6’5" 235Lbs
middle aged guy
looking for supplement suggestions to gain weight and strength

Steak. Whole eggs.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

What’s your current training plan and PRs on the big lifts?

That info is fundamental before figuring out supplements.

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My diet is not body builderish
Bigmac’s fries for lunch
Chicken breast with potatoes and green beans dinner
snack at night was pretzels

lifting the main lifts in a StrongLifts routine about 4 days per week
Deadlift max 315
Bench 185
Squat 225

Doesn’t seem like a lot of protein

You essentially ate
A carb
Carbs with fat
Protein with carbs

Fix your diet before shelling out for supplements.

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Agree about the diet.

Not trying to be a jerk, but are you sure you’re that skinny? 235 at 6’5” is over 3lbs per inch of height, which is huge for a lean guy. I only point this out because reckless abandon when chasing body weight goals, especially for us middle-aged gents, typically doesn’t end where we want.

Yeah if this a regular thing forget muscle -this seriously no bueno for overall health as middle aged guy. Have pretty much anything else.
Bunch of sandwiches, subways, pizza slice then fruit, whatever

Cheat day once every 7-10 days fine in your situation

Have quality steak/grassfed beef once or twice a week

Yeah do pretty much any Tnation program over this. These good and will keep you feeling fresher …

is it a joke ?