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Supplements for Skiing


Hi there. I'm trying to figure out a good stack for skiing (Pre-ski, during ski and post ski).

Here's my thought so far (would be cool to get some fresh thinking and some feedback):

Pre ski - Neurological stimulation as well as metabolism stimulation (especially after a heavy apres ski) - So a caffeine, taurine style product, and perhaps some b-vits.

During ski - something with BCAAs and a fast digesting carb to replenish glyogen levels, as well as a lactic acid buffer like beta analine.

Post ski - a protein and carb recovery drink, as well as anything else to help facilitate recovery and a good sleep (ZMA perhaps)

Thoughts appreciated!


Just to preface my answer, I was born and raised in a ski resort town. My dad worked as a ski patrolman for fifteen years, my sister is a semi-pro park skier and I went to high school with 5 members of the US ski team (downhill, freestyle, ect), one of whom won gold in Toreno in 2006. Let me outline the diet and supplement program of some truly elite skiers who I know and ski with personally.

Pre ski: Clif Bar, granola, bagel, or anything that can be grabbed and eaten while driving.

During ski: Gummy bears, hot chocolate, Clif Bars, Budweiser (usually light, but not always).

Post Ski: Coors, Corona, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Enjoy your vacation.


Just grab a Spike Shotgun and Beta-7 before skiing and maybe some FINiBARs to get you through the day.

I doubt you'll need much carbs afterward if your just alpine skiing at a resort. Backcountry skiing is another story.


Oh, and Z-12 is a good idea, especially if you'll be at a significantly higher elevation than your accustomed.