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Supplements For Size

Hi there, I’m 30years old and want to increase size, other than the diet and heavy lifting are there any supplements you guys recommend? i am currently taking the following:

  1. whey
  2. creatine

Should i try TRIBEX or Methoxy-7, what do you guys think? Any opinions will be welcome…thnx

Dependant on how you feel about the subject, I would say you could try going with something like Methoxy-7, or other natural plant based t-boosters. Another question would be are you able to power through your workouts… This innitially will help you to reach your goals by not only helping your mood elevation and energy but by also giving you the mental clarity needed for most high intensity training. A supplement you could use for this would be something like Spike.
Just my two cents…

Before you dive into the supplements, how’s your diet? Make sure you have your caloric intake, protein, consumption, macronutrient breakdowns, meal timing - pre/post workout nutrition dialed in first.

Don’t want you to be one who blames lack of success on a ‘poor’ supplement when their diet is the real problem. Diets make or break you.

As to your actual question, Alpha Male or Methoxy-7 would be benificial. Also, be on the watch for Cabolin-19 when it comes out. . .

Luchador, supplements are good and helpful. I didn’t care for the effects of creatine at all. Like Brandon mentioned…Spike would be what I’d recommend period. And I mean no other supplements. I say this because if you can make it through every workout with "raw intensity…you will gain. I’ve always been suspect of supplements and have used them very sparingly. My gospel is know your body first, then experiment. And I’m talking about a tleast 5 years of training and athletic experience under your belt.

IMO, if you train like a beast, your physique will resemble that. From what I’ve read about Spike, it can give you that intensity. But, I must say…I have not tried it for myself.

If all that sounds like jive…I’d say keep the whey, trash the creatine, and get Alpha Male…it truly is the shit!